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  • Blog Post: Free Xbox 360 S Sounds Available For Download

    Pressing a button and having a console simply start up isn't an option these days. Device functions must be punctuated with an awesome sound effect that sounds like it's ripped straight from Star Trek. The new Xbox 360 Elite S system makes neat little 'ding' sounds when you turn it on... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox 360 Sales Skyrocket (Relatively) In Japan

    The Japanese sure love their Monster Hunter. How much? So much that when Monster Hunter Frontier Online debuted in Japan, sales of the Xbox 360 jumped eightfold compared to the previous week. The total number of console sales for the week in Japan was still nothing to write home about: Microsoft sold... More
  • Blog Post: Is The New Xbox 360 Slim Really Quieter?

    Yes, actually. While last week's announcement of the new Xbox 360 slim promised much needed changed to the console, many were left wondering if the system really was more quiet than the current model. Today we received a brand new one and popped in a few games to find out. Starting with one of the... More
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