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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Beginning The Sunsetting Process For Xbox Live Indie Games

    Xbox 360's Xbox Live Indie Game program will be gone soon in order to make way for the future of indie games on Xbox with ID@Xbox. If you're unfamiliar, Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) was a platform that small-time developers could use to create and sell games on Xbox 360. It was a separate store... More
  • Blog Post: XBLIG Hit Gateways On Sale For A Dollar

    Smudged Cat Games' Portal-inspired Gateways is without a doubt one of the best Xbox Live Indie Games titles on the market, and it's currently on sale for 80 MS points. I posted our Gateways review late last week, and walked away mighty impressed by the game. Gateways translates Portal's formula... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Live Indie Game Devs Ready For Third Uprising

    The Xbox Live Indie Games community has already demonstrated a strong grow-your-own mentality, and that philosophy is extending to another homegrown event during September. A variety of developers will have their games highlighted every workday from Sept. 10-20, giving some much-needed publicity to games... More
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