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  • Blog Post: Speedrunners Break Super Mario World, Pokémon In Insane Ways

    A quick glance at the image above doesn't yield anything too impressive. It looks like a bunch of guys who are way too excited about streaming Super Mario Bros. When you watch the video leading up to the action, it suddenly makes sense why everyone looks so stoked to see Mario sprinting toward that... More
  • Blog Post: SaltyBet Is Pretty Great And Really Weird

    Via a bunch of Twitter chatter in the last couple of weeks, I checked out SaltyBet.com to see what the hubbub was all about. What I found was really confusing at first, and it's certainly weird as hell, but several of us can't stop watching for some reason. What is it? Well, it's a MUGEN... More
  • Blog Post: This Mega Man Ending From Street Fighter X Tekken Seems Too Crazy To Be Real...

    If you're concerned about Street Fighter X Tekken spoilers -- seriously?! -- don't read this post. Everyone else, prepare for a supreme new level of weirdness. So here's the deal: the creepy box art version of Mega Man pictured above isn't actually playable in Street Fighter X Tekken... More
  • Blog Post: Conception: Please Have My Baby Is The Real Name Of A Game That Actually Exists

    Everyone here in the Game Informer offices knows that I'm a fan of obscure, super-weird Japanese games, but here's one that might be getting a little too weird , even for me. According to a report by Andriasang , the brilliantly titled Conception: Please Have My Baby is an RPG where players take... More
  • Blog Post: Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition Announced, Confuses Everyone

    In what's bound to be the most "out of left field" story of the weekend, the The Pokemon Company and Koei have announced Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition for the original DS. An official site has launched, and the debut trailer can be found there. I think it's safe to say that no one... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom + Sour Patch Kids + Method Man = ???

    Capcom has announced that it is publishing a downloadable game based on the Sour Patch Kids candy. The game will feature the new Method Man track "World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)." This is all true. Why a Sour Patch Kids game? The answer is obvious, or at least it is if your paycheck has the... More
  • Blog Post: In This Game A Baby Monkey Rides Backwards On A Pig

    The cheap price of developing and buying games on the iPhone has led to a flood of titles, some strange and some generic, but it takes a truly special concept to jump out to me when I look at Apple's app store. Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) is just such a concept. I won't spend too much... More
  • Blog Post: This Is Probably The Best Game About Valet Parking I've Ever Seen

    You've never heard of Valet Parking 1989? This title is easily the most exciting DSiWare release of the year. Time to learn yourself a lesson. The amusing developer diary video below has two honors associated with it: It's the first time I've ever seen a game devoted to the seemingly mundane... More
  • Blog Post: Barcode In New Hitman Trailer Leads To A NSFW Product Listing

    Earlier today, Square Enix officially revealed Hitman: Absolution. It doesn't show a whole lot, but one thing it does show clearly is a barcode. It's shown with a black background with white bar code lines, but some curious fellow over on Reddit swapped the colors to the standard scheme so that... More
  • Blog Post: No, Seriously: You Need To Watch This Ending Cinematic From Conduit 2

    If you haven't finished playing Conduit 2 by now, chances are you probably never will, but you're going to want to see this video of the ending. Trust me. If you're still planning to play the game, this is your last chance to turn away from this article and not risk spoilers. You have been... More
  • Blog Post: Al-Qaeda Tried To Use Sega Cartridges In Terror Plot

    And here's your daily dose of "WTF" news to end the day. GameSetWatch reports that according to the Detainee Assessment record for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (released to the public today by Wikileaks), the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda attempted to hide remote-controlled firing devices inside... More
  • Blog Post: Reek Like An Orc With Line Of RPG-themed Scents

    Chances are, when you think of the word "Orc," a few words spring to mind. Perhaps "green" or "drool." Maybe "disgusting" or "feral." Possible even "horrible D&D nerd stuff." At any rate, most people wouldn't associate the creatures... More
  • Blog Post: One Of Japan's Weirdest Game Stories Becomes Reality (Sort Of)

    Have you played Persona 4? You should. It's awesome . It's basically a 100-hour-long murder mystery, and it all kicks off with a scene that has now played out in the real world in Michigan. Persona 4's first mysterious murder comes in the form of a body found hanging from a telephone pole... More
  • Blog Post: Just In Case You've Ever Wanted To See Miyamoto Beat Reggie To Death With An NES

    You know, the Internet is a pretty weird place. I never go longer than a week of browsing without finding something that totally stops me in my tracks and makes my mind spin in a feeble attempt to imagine how or why said monstrosity was created. This week's dose of overwhelming weirdness? The following... More
  • Blog Post: Braid Box Art Arrives From Russia, Misses Point

    I’m all about every corner of the world being exposed to Jonathon’s Blow’s puzzle platforming masterpiece, Braid. However, I’ve got to say that this Russian box art is hilariously wrong. I’m not sure if it’s Tim’s subtle happiness or the critters that surround... More
  • Blog Post: "Leaked" Live Action Pokémon Movie Trailer Looks Absurd

    From the "if it's too good to be true (or too bad to be true), it probably isn't" file this evening, I bring you: leaked shaky-cam footage of a top-secret screener for the trailer of a supposed live-action Pokémon film. Real? Unlikely. Car-crash-style can't-look-away awful... More
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