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  • Blog Post: Mass Effect's Lead Writer Drew Karpyshyn Returns To BioWare

    The first Mass Effect's lead writer, Drew Karpyshyn, left the studio a few years ago to focus on writing his series of Chaos Born novels, but has recently returned to the studio. Karpyshyn's BioWare credits include lead writer on Mass Effect, co-lead writer on Mass Effect 2, as well as writing... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Age Writer David Gaider Is Moving To A Different BioWare Franchise

    David Gaider, the writer behind all three Dragon Age games, has announced he is moving to another project. He won’t be leaving BioWare though, so fans need not worry about the studio losing his voice. Gaider made the announcement via Twitter today. So a bit of news: I have decided leave Dragon... More
  • Blog Post: Todd Stashwick Joins Amy Hennig On Visceral Games Star Wars Project

    Hollywood actor Todd Stashwick ( Heroes, Justified, Supernatural ) will be joining Uncharted director Amy Hennig as a co-writer on Visceral Games (Dead Space) upcoming Star Wars title. After Hennig's departure from Naughty Dog , she announced that she would be heading over to Electronic Arts as creative... More
  • Blog Post: Original Dead Space Writer Calls The Series' New Action Focus A "Necessary Evil"

    In a recent interview with NowGamer.com , the writer of the original Dead Space, Antony Johnston, called the series' continued focus on action over survival horror a "necessary evil". "I’m personally a big fan of old-school survival horror, and that was one of the main reasons... More
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