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  • Blog Post: Bioshock Infinite Gets Collectible With New HeroClix Set

    The intersection of video games with tabletop experiences is becoming more common. One of the publishers at the forefront is NECA-owned Wizkids, known for Mage Knight, Quarriors, and HeroClix. The latter property remains largely focused on superheroes, with interesting subsets drawing inspiration from... More
  • Blog Post: “Hello, Friend,” NECA Set To Release Ten New Portal 2 Turrets

    Have you ever wanted a Portal turret that blended stealthily into your shrubbery? Or that didn’t clash with your classy zebra-striped rug? Well, all your dreams (that are Portal 2 turret related) are set to come true. These turrets are a different breed from their motion-sensing brethren made by... More
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