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  • Blog Post: Fallout 4's Mysterious Stranger Perk Music Now Available As A Ringtone

    For a stranger, gamers have gotten familiar with the enigmatic guardian of the Fallout 4 universe. Now players can carry a little piece of the Mysterious Stranger with these new ringtones based on the infamous in-game perk. The Mysterious Stranger, a perk seen throughout the Fallout franchise, spawns... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Unifies Kinect Products As Windows Version Discontinued

    Microsoft has announced that the Kinect for Windows v2 has been discontinued. The company is working to transition developers to the Kinect for Xbox One, creating a universal solution. Microsoft says it has had trouble keeping up with demand for the standalone sensors in some markets. However, the Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Fable Legends Coming To Both PC and Xbox One, Supports Cross-Play

    Lionhead's upcoming cooperative and competitive Fable Legends – previously exclusive to Xbox One – is also coming to Windows 10. Microsoft made the announcement before a short demo during the company's Windows 10-focused event. Not only can PC gamers play the game on the new operating... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Offers Windows 10 Upgrade Free To Many Users

    During today's Windows 10 event, Microsoft announced that many existing users of Windows are able to upgrade to the new version of the operating system for no additional fee. The upgrade to Windows 10 is made available to existing users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, as well as those who... More
  • Blog Post: This Week In Mobile – Defend, Deceive, Retrieve

    Mobile gamers never have a lack of games to play. Finding a good game to play, however, requires some thinning of the herd. This week’s mobile highlights feature games across several different genres, so we’ve picked out something for just about everyone. Anomaly Defenders Developer: 11 Bit... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Announces New Game Hack 'n' Slash

    One of the game prototypes made during Double Fine's annual Amnesia Fortnight game jam is going to see formal release, the action/puzzle title Hack 'n' Slash. Hack 'n' Slash was one of 23 Amnesia Fortnight prototypes that the public was allowed to vote on , and received the most votes... More
  • Blog Post: New Humble Bundle Has Impressive Lineup

    For a small price, you can help charity and get some of the best recent indie games like Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, and Fez. Humble Bundle 9 is currently on sale . Proceeds from all sales to to charities Child's Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Watsi. You can name your price for DRM-free... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox One Kinect Not Compatible With PCs

    Xbox One owners won't be able to connect the console's new Kinect sensor to their PCs, but Microsoft will be offering a separately sold model for home computers. The website Ars Technica has received an official statement from Microsoft confirming that the Kinect 2.0 sensor for Xbox One will... More
  • Blog Post: Valve's Rumored Console May Be Linux-Based

    Rumors of a Valve console have been circulating for quite some time, and here's some more difficult to confirm information to add to the fire. Valve's man in charge Gabe Newell has offered a few quotes in regard to the success of Steam's Big Picture Mode and bringing the PC into the living... More
  • Blog Post: Pinball FX2 Now Available On Windows 8

    Zen Studios' popular platform for pinball game Pinball FX2 is now available for Windows' brand new operating system. The base game is free to download and includes the Mars table, and additional tables can be downloaded for $2.99 each. Here are the additional tables that are currently available... More
  • Blog Post: Grocery Shopping With Kinect

    Whole Foods will begin testing Kinect-powered shopping carts that makes buying groceries way more fun. As reported by Geek Wire, Microsoft today showed an early prototype of the cart that includes a mounted Kinect camera and monitor. Kinect recognizes what items you place in cart, automatically checks... More
  • Blog Post: Kinect Officially Headed To Windows Next Month

    Sly PC programmers have been playing around with Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect device to create interesting PC-powered applications since the device debuted in 2010, but soon Microsoft will support Kinect use on the PC officially. During Microsoft's final Consumer Electronics Show keynote... More
  • Blog Post: Kinect For Windows Coming In Early 2012

    Today, Microsoft re-affirmed that Kinect functionality is coming to Windows in 2012, and launched a new beta of the Kinect for Windows SDK. "I know many of you are eagerly awaiting the Kinect for Windows commercial program coming in early 2012. My team is working hard to deliver a great product... More
  • Blog Post: Internal Video Reveals Microsoft's Vision For "Windows Gaming Experience"

    Once a year or so, we get some half-hearted new effort from Microsoft to push PC gaming on Windows machines. Internally, though, it looks like the company has a slightly more ambitious plan to tie together the PC experience, Xbox Live, Bing, Avatars, and other Microsoft products and services into an... More
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