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  • Blog Post: This Robotic Wheatley Puppet Is Equal Parts Lovable And Impressive

    Many folk's reactions to Portal 2's adorably incompetent Wheatley was either "Aww" or "I want one". Prop-maker Genevieve Bee sits in the latter camp, but decided to use her considerable skills to construct her own. While not the first Wheatley replica someone has made, this... More
  • Blog Post: Wheatley Portals Into Halo Combat Evolved

    If Portal's Wheatley had been cast in the original Halo, it might not have been a better game, but it would have been a lot funnier. Okay, it would have been a better game. [Source: Kotaku ] More
  • Blog Post: Check Out This Cool Fan-Made Portal 2 Animation

    What if Portal 2 stars GLaDOS and Wheatley weren't machines? What if they were people? It takes a while to put together a fan-made animation project like this, but it was worth it. Portal fan Chelsea GR put this little video together. Someone encourage her to make more. [Source: Dorkly ] More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2's Wildly Different Origins

    In their GDC talk "Making A Sequel To A Game That Doesn't Need One," Portal 2 writers Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek detailed a very different version of one of the most beloved games of this generation. Early in development, Portal 2 shared little in common with the original outside of... More
  • Blog Post: All Signs Pointing To Half-Life 3?

    Everyone wants to hear about Half-Life 3 in the worst way, and that includes dissecting Wheatley's VGA appearance to death. Rock, Paper Shotgun have sifted through some of the fan speculation about Wheatley's custom-made video appearance at the VGAs (to stump his cause of the Character of the... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2's Wheatley Puppet Takes The Cake

    This puppet version of Wheatley from Portal 2 is the second best thing to having a real maniacal robot for a pet. YouTube user trpchakai tackled the impressive project of making a fully functional Wheatley puppet. If you’re interested in following in his footsteps and making your own, check out... More
  • Blog Post: These Custom Portal 2 Cores Are Awesome

    Portal is definitely a popular series, but not so much that toy manufacturers have started mass-producing Aperture Science playsets. If you want Portal-related figures, you've got to make them yourself. Alternately, you can rely on geniuses like this to make them, and you then you can stare in wonder... More
  • Blog Post: Wheatley's Voice Actor Talks About The 'Exhausting' Role

    A lot of Portal 2's laughs came from Stephen Merchant's voiceover work for the character of Wheatley. MTV Multiplayer caught up with the Extras actor and talked about how he tackled the role. If you think voice acting is as simple as strolling into a booth, spitting out a few funny lines, and... More
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