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  • Blog Post: Warner Bros. Montreal Details Upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins Fixes, Apologizes

    Batman: Arkham Origins’ release hasn’t been entirely smooth. Players have been encountering issues across platforms that have inhibited progress. A new statement has been issued on the company’s website acknowledging the problems and apologizing for the inconveniences. “It has... More
  • Blog Post: Quebec Government Invests Millions In Batman: Arkham Origins Developer

    The Quebec government has decided to invest $63 million into Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montreal over the course of five years in the interest of creating 100 new jobs. The investment news comes from a report from CTV . As part of the five-year deal, $1.5 million has been immediately invested... More
  • Blog Post: Four More Batman: Arkham Origins Skins Revealed

    The Batman: Arkham series has been full of fan service, not least of which are the variety of costumes that can be used in the challenge modes and around Gotham after the completion of the story. A YouTube group called BatmanArkhamVideos has discovered a new set of costumes for Arkham Origins . The video... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham Origins' Creative Director Shares Vision For DLC

    The latest round of news about Batman: Arkham Origins revealed that the assassin Deathstroke will be playable in the game through DLC . While on the cover story trip for the game, we asked creative director Eric Holmes about his thoughts on and plans for incorporating DLC into Batman: Arkham Origins... More
  • Blog Post: Die Hard, Robin, And The Music Of Batman: Arkham Origins

    "Batman isn't Batman until there's music and lighting. Otherwise it's a guy standing there in a costume and it looks like a convention," says Eric Holmes, the creative director for Batman: Arkham Origins. While visiting Warner Bros. Games Montreal for our cover story on the next... More
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