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  • Blog Post: Super Mario Bros. 3, Slew Of GBA Games Fill Virtual Console In April

    Nintendo has released its list of games that will be hitting the Virtual Console this April, and it's filled with Game Boy Advance titles and a little something called Super Mario Bros. 3. The entire roster is pretty great, but the addition of the long-awaited Super Mario Bros. 3 is the big news... More
  • Blog Post: Bored? Play These Dumb Microgames

    Google is releasing a series of notebooks called Chromebooks, which fall somewhere between a cloud-based notebook and a traditional one. That's the boring part. One of their selling points is how quickly they supposedly book up. As a way of illustrating that speed, Google has a released a series... More
  • Blog Post: The Biggest News Stories Of 2010 As Re-Created In WarioWare

    Let's be real for a second: As gamers, it's easy to get behind on real world news. Our TVs are usually too busy being used for our consoles to watch television news broadcasts, and that ever-growing backlog threatens to eat up any free time we might otherwise devote to informing ourselves on... More
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