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  • Blog Post: Minecraft Is Now Available For Samsung Gear VR

    Minecraft is becoming the universal app for game devices everywhere. It’s on PC, consoles, mobile devices, and now it’s made its way to virtual reality. Mojang’s hit sandbox game includes two VR modes. You can either play in a Minecraft cabin while watching the action on a virtual screen... More
  • Blog Post: Insomniac Unveils Spell-Casting VR Game The Unspoken

    The Unspoken is an upcoming VR title from Insomniac exclusively for Oculus Rift and its touch controllers. The first-person spell-casting multiplayer game has players fight against one another in an urban, magical world. Using a wide range of spells, such as summoning fireballs and shields, you cunningly... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Oculus Apologizes For Rift Shipment Delay, Taking Steps To Speed Delivery

    Update: Oculus has issued a statement regarding the extensive shipping delays, apologizing to customers who are now waiting an additional six to eight weeks. The company says it has increased production to catch up. The company also says it hopes to beat the estimates it issued last night to pre-order... More
  • Blog Post: Where's Our Review Of The Oculus Rift?

    Today marks the official release of the Rift, the consumer virtual reality headset from Oculus VR. We've been playing around with the unit and its games for the last week, but we still need more time before we can render a final verdict on the new hardware. Despite today being the official launch... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus Rift Games Can Be Sold On Steam, Too

    Oculus has launched its own software store alongside this week’s slow rollout of the Rift. The company isn’t chaining developers to its storefront, though. In a blog post today, the company laid out some new details for developers that want to sell their software directly or via Steam. There... More
  • Blog Post: Did You Pre-Order A VR Headset?

    Yesterday, Sony kicked off its first wave of PlayStation VR pre-orders. You might have opted for a bundle, or perhaps you are waiting for the standalone unit. Maybe you opted for a Rift or Vive instead. Or, you might simply not be sold on VR yet. We’re curious about whether PlayStation VR’s... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Taking Pre-Orders For $500 And $400 PlayStation VR Bundles

    Update: Due to feedback, Sony is opening up pre-orders for the $399 Core bundle on March 29 at 7:00 a.m. PT. For more information, visit the PlayStation blog . Previous story: Sony has announced that starting next week at 7:00 a.m. PT Tuesday, March 22, it will start taking pre-orders for a $500 PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: More Than 30 Vive Games Shown At GDC

    The age of virtual reality is quickly approaching. Oculus Rift is launching this month with 30 games. Valve and HTC also have big plans for the Vive, giving over their booth at GDC to a number of developers throughout the rest of the week. These titles represent part of what's coming in the Vive... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus Launch Lineup Is A Massive List Of 30 Games

    GDC is underway, and Oculus is using the opportunity to make a big splash ahead of the Rift's March 28 launch. The company hosted media days earlier this week, giving us a chance to go hands-on with a number of games (you can read our breakdown of those for more info). Notably, the launch lineup... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Will Sell PlayStation VR At A Profit, Not As A Loss Leader

    During a conversation with Sony vice president of publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes, our discussion turned to pricing of the PlayStation VR. Sony has managed to undercut Oculus and HTC, bringing virtual reality to consumers this fall for an all-in price of $810 for the console, headset, and... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation VR Is Getting An Exclusive Star Wars Battlefront Experience

    In addition to Sony's latest "mic drop," announcing a price for PlayStation VR $200 lower than Oculus Rift, the company says it's prepared to deliver something special. EA and DICE are preparing a Star Wars Battlefront experience exclusively for PSVR. Specific details aren't available... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation VR Priced At $399, Launching In October 2016

    Sony has announced that PlayStation VR will be launching this fall. The headset, which is priced at $399, undercuts the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House ran down the specs that players can expect later this year, when the headset arrives this fall. The tech... More
  • Blog Post: Elite Dangerous Coming To Rift Alongside VR Headset Launch

    Elite Dangerous has been confirmed for the HTC Vive for a while now. But those opting for the Oculus Rift won’t miss out on the space simulator in VR. Oculus and Frontier Developments announced today that Elite Dangerous is launching on the Rift on March 28. This coincides with the official launch... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Is Not Anticipating Xbox One Will Support VR

    During Microsoft's big Xbox Spring Showcase 2016, Phil Spencer announced that not only was Minecraft available to play using the Oculus Rift and Windows 10, but that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was on-hand to ask questions. This of course raised several questions regarding Microsoft's commitment... More
  • Blog Post: Pre-Orders For $800 HTC Vive Now Open

    VR enthusiasts can begin pre-ordering the second of three major virtual reality headsets today. HTC has opened pre-orders for the Vive. HTC plans to ship its approach to virtual reality beginning in April. The Vive comes with the headset, two control wands, and two sensors to mount in your room. Those... More
  • Blog Post: International Pricing and Painting App For HTC Vive Revealed

    Last week, HTC announced the price for its virtual reality headset, the Vive: $799. HTC has just confirmed the international pricing for the unit as well as a application that will be bundled with each headset in addition to Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator: Google's Tilt Brush. You can find... More
  • Blog Post: Superhot Is Coming To VR, And You Should Be Excited

    Superhot is finally out this week, giving classic first-person shooter gameplay a time-bending twist. The team behind the game is working on another way to play: virtual reality. I had the chance to play Superhot in VR when it was demoed by Oculus at E3 2014. In short, it was the closest thing I’ve... More
  • Blog Post: Canadian Prime Minister Visits Ubisoft Montreal

    Not many world leaders visit a video game studio, but Canada’s Prime Minister seems to have caught the VR bug. While visiting Ubisoft Montreal, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (pictured below) threw on an Oculus Rift and checked out an upcoming VR game called Eagle Flight. According to Canada's... More
  • Blog Post: HTC Vive Price Revealed

    HTC has just revealed via a blog post the price for the Vive, a virtual reality headset developed by both HTC and Valve. The consumer edition of the VR headset will cost $799 and ship in early April with two games bundled with it, Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives. The consumer... More
  • Blog Post: Duck Hunt Remade In VR As Light Gun Games Get A Second Chance

    It took a 21-year-old New Jersey Institute of Technology student to put a fine point on one of virtual reality’s potential uses. Joseph Delgado has adapted the Nintendo Entertainment System’s Duck Hunt. The endeavor required a Razer Hydra motion controller and a 3D-printed mount for its sensor... More
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