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  • Blog Post: Voting For Cover Of Madden 25 Has Begun

    EA Sports and ESPN have teamed up to allow gamers to vote for which NFL star will grace the cover of Madden NFL 25. This year's poll looks to the past, pitting all-time greats against the best players of today. The poll, which is up and running right now, is divided up into two divisions: "New... More
  • Blog Post: Political Kombat '12: Obama vs Romney Could Be Better Than Voting

    Is this actually how we pick our President now? I haven't been paying attention to politics for a while. You may have seen some of Slate's Political Kombat videos floating around already, but this is the matchup everyone wants to see. President Obama faces off against his mortal enemy Mitt Romney... More
  • Blog Post: Political Kombat '12 Proposes A New Way To Pick Our President

    If you're like us you're probably wondering why the Presidential debates have gotten so political. Check out Political Kombat '12, which envisions a simpler time when debates were settled with fists and whip-like combovers. Watch President Obama and Donald Trump duke it out in this live broadcast... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Madness Final Four Voting Is Live!

    Though Butler's Cinderella dreams were crushed by the Blue Devils last night, hope springs eternal in our Mario Madness poll. Though we're running a little bit behind the NCAA, the good news is that we have four fantastic games in the Final Four: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Madness Elite 8 Announced, Voting Is Live Now!

    Our Mario Madness tournament continues, and with the announcement of our Elite 8 finalists, things are getting serious. By now, a good many pretenders (and surprising number of all-time classics) are sitting on the pine, watching the action from the outside. The last round of sixteen had some killer... More
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