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  • Blog Post: Todd Stashwick Joins Amy Hennig On Visceral Games Star Wars Project

    Hollywood actor Todd Stashwick ( Heroes, Justified, Supernatural ) will be joining Uncharted director Amy Hennig as a co-writer on Visceral Games (Dead Space) upcoming Star Wars title. After Hennig's departure from Naughty Dog , she announced that she would be heading over to Electronic Arts as creative... More
  • Blog Post: Uncharted Creative Director Amy Hennig To Lead Star Wars Project At Visceral Games

    EA has announced the hiring of former Naughty Dog writer and creative director Amy Hennig. Hennig joins Dead Space studio Visceral Games as creative director on that studios Star Wars project. “As both a colleague and friend, I’ve always admired her approach to creative development –... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Dead Space Is Free On Origin, First 'On The House' Offering

    Update: EA has announced its new "On the House" program that will offer free games from time to time. Dead Space is the first of the these titles. EA warns that " On the House " offers, which will include games and expansions, will appear and disappear without notice. If you see one... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3: Awakened Impressions

    Dead Space 3’s ending is designed to leave gamers hanging. It establishes a sense of closure for troubled hero Isaac Clarke, but what comes next is left intentionally hazy. It’s the kind of tease that people scoff at or obsess over. We usually don’t find out the answer to this kind... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC Has Release Date, Trailer

    Some fans might not have liked Dead Space 3 as much as others, but the Awakened DLC looks to take the game back to its horror roots. The DLC is scheduled to come out on March 12, and it takes place after the events of the game; featuring new weapons, enemies, co-op play, and more. Awakened will be available... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Dead Space 4 Canceled

    Update: EA has further knocked down rumors about Dead Space's grim future with an updated statement. "These rumors are patently false," an EA spokesperson said in an official statement. "While we have not released sales data for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and it continues... More
  • Blog Post: Get Caught Up On Dead Space With A Recap Video

    Electronics Arts has released a recap video that summarizes the first two Dead Space games just in time for Dead Space 3. This doesn't cover the entirety of the Dead Space story, as that exists in movies, books, and even other games, but this will give you a good idea of what Isaac Clarke has gone... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Reveals Play Arts Kai Figure For Dead Space 3's Isaac Clarke

    Dead Space 3 hits store shelves tomorrow for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. We won't know of the game's quality until tomorrow (Tim's review goes up at 8:00 AM), but toy manufacturer's are banking on a hit. Square Enix is releasing a Play Arts Kai figure of Isaac Clarke in his snow... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What’s Your Take On Microtransactions In Dead Space 3?

    A PlayStation Store update revealed pricing for Dead Space 3 microtransactions, and it’s caused a bit of a stir within the gaming community. Purchasing all of the optional content sets players back $41 – with used gamers having to pay $9.99 for an online pass. The series’ first installment... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Offers Microtransactions, Sky Is Not Falling

    A few sites are reporting that Dead Space 3 includes microtransactions, which provide additional resources for the game's crafting system. Though it may sound alarming at first, this isn't exactly a new strategy for EA. Eurogamer spotted a pop-up message while playing the game, which alerted... More
  • Blog Post: Feel Free To Swear At Dead Space 3

    Using Microsoft's Kinect peripheral, Visceral Games may have figured out a way to encourage players to curse at their consoles. Microsoft's marketing line "Better with Kinect," sounds good, but we've rarely found Kinect integration anything more than novel. Dead Space 3's use... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Demo Detailed & The Story So Far

    Electronic Arts released a three-minute video that recaps Dead Space's fiction prior to the events in Dead Space 3. I would avoid this video if you haven't played through the first two games yet, as spoilers abound, but, if you've already played the games, and are looking for a quick refresher... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Dev Blog Highlights Dementia, Alternate Perspectives

    Dead Space 3's latest developer blog " Dead Space, Dementia, and Punishing the Heroes ," talks about the Markers, and how they affect protagonists Isaac Clarke and John Carver in different ways. Senior production designer Ben Wanat says Isaac's previous contact with the Markers will... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space's Isaac Clarke Joins Kotobukiya's ARTFX Statue Line

    Scheduled to hit store shelves next June, Kotobukiya's Isaac Clarke statue stands in at just over 12" in height and features LED lights in the helmet, backpack, and glove. This statue is based on Isaac Clarke's winterized Dead Space 3 design. Someone just needs to tell Isaac that he has... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Gets Kinect Support

    Electronic Arts has announced that the Xbox 360 version of Dead Space 3 will use the Kinect's voice command functionality. Optional voice commands can be used to heal, re-load, attack, and find your partner in both single-player and co-op play. The game will not use any Kinect gestures. Dead Space... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Release Date Announced

    Electronic Arts announced Dead Space 3 releases on February 5, 2013 in North America for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Pre-ordering the game at participating retailers gives you the first two planned bundle packs. Here are the bungle pack details per EA: "First Contact" Bundle First Contact... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Gameplay Footage

    EA has released a 20-minute video highlighting many of the new gameplay features, enemies, and boss encounters found in Dead Space 3. Steve Papoutsis, vice president and general manager of developer Visceral Games, sets the stage for what you're about the see. Some of the segments were previously... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Co-op Revealed

    Update: EA has released a new trailer for the game, which shows off co-op and a host of other highlights. Original Story: During Electronic Arts’ E3 2012 press conference, the publisher showed off two-player co-op in Visceral Games’ new horrorfest, Dead Space 3. The company also revealed... More
  • Blog Post: First Dead Space 3 Screenshot

    You won't have to wait until next week to get a look at Dead Space 3. Electronic Arts released the first high-resolution screenshot of the game this morning. Click the image below for a full-sized version. Dead Space 3 will be at EA's press conference on Monday at 1:00 pm Pacific. We also have... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Appearing At E3 2012

    Electronic Arts confirmed it will reveal Dead Space 3 at E3 next week during its press conference, which kicks off at 1 pm PST next Monday. “We’re excited to unveil Dead Space 3 to the world at the EA press conference next week,” EA said. No other details were announced. The publisher... More
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