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  • Blog Post: More Hints At Apple Joining Virtual Reality Race: Company Hires VR Researcher

    Technology giant Apple already has already made some virtual reality related moves, like filing patents and acquiring technology. The company’s latest hire also points in the direction of developing VR that might compete with the likes of Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Oculus. According to Financial Times... More
  • Blog Post: Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One May Have Its Villain With Ben Mendelsohn

    Ben Mendelsohn, known for appearances in movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Killing Them Softly , is in negotiations to play the villain role in Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One . According to The Hollywoord Reporter, Mendelsohn is currently in negotiations to play Nolan Sorrento... More
  • Blog Post: SuperData: Virtual Reality Poised To Reach $5.1 Billion Revenue In 2016

    With Oculus pre-orders open and the price no longer a mystery, the gaming community is abuzz with speculation about the format’s viability. While some are certain the Rift’s $600 price point is a death knell for virtual reality, others are taking a longer view. SuperData Research released... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus Rift Priced at $600, Launching In March

    As promised, Oculus has opened pre-orders for its first consumer Rift virtual reality headset. Now that you can actually lock your order in, we finally know one of the most important details: just how much it will cost. In order to bring home the Rift, you’ll need to budget $600. When we spoke... More
  • Blog Post: VR Stationary Bike VirZoom Pre-Order Information Detailed

    Pre-order information for VirZoom, a stationary bike that utilizes the power of virtual reality to incentivize you to work out, has been detailed. In addition to announcing the retail price of the bike, the company has also detailed an early access special, which will be applied to the first adopters... More
  • Blog Post: January Cover Revealed - The Virtual Reality Issue

    2016 is the year of virtual reality, as Oculus, Sony, and HTC ready the first home-use displays for sale. With so many questions still looming, we’ve dedicated an entire issue to the technology and software behind what could be one of the most transformative pieces of hardware humanity has seen... More
  • Blog Post: Psychonauts VR Game Bridges The Gap Between The Original And Potential Sequel

    The Fig campaign for Psychonauts 2 is in full swing, but that’s not the only new adventure starring Raz. Double Fine has another Psychonauts title in the works: a virtual-reality experience exclusive to PlayStation VR. . Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin bridges the gap between Psychonauts and... More
  • Blog Post: Paranormal Activity VR Demo Heading To Select Theaters

    A virtual reality game based on the Paranormal Activity movies is coming to theaters as a free HTC Vive demo. Paramount Pictures, HTC, Valve, Epic Games, and Nvidia will sponsor the demo at select AMC Theatres locations from October 22-24. Moviegoers will be able to play the first-person survival horror... More
  • Blog Post: Learn Why Virtual Reality Matters In Epic Games' Ongoing Documentary

    In relation to the millions of video game enthusiasts of the world, only a lucky few have been able to strap a virtual-reality kit to their face and experience the mystifying experience for themselves. Thankfully for the majority, the studio behind Unreal Engine and Gears of War, Epic Games, is delivering... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus’ Luckey: VR Is A ‘Pretty Expensive, Relatively Primitive Proof Of Concept’

    Even though in-home virtual reality soon to be a consumer reality, gamers still have a lot of questions. How much is it really going to cost? What kind of room setup do I need? Which company should I be jumping on board with? Oculus founder and virtual reality pioneer Palmer Luckey has just added a new... More
  • Blog Post: Zenimax’s Suit Against Oculus Over Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets Allowed To Continue

    The first chapter of Zenimax’s suit against Oculus for misappropriation of proprietary technology has closed. The case was filed in May 2014, and the courts have this week denied Oculus’ attempt to have it dismissed. Zenimax alleges that John Carmack and Oculus have benefitted from the misappropriation... More
  • Blog Post: Starbreeze Announces John Wick Virtual Reality Game

    The studio behind games like The Darkness, Payday 2, and The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay have partnered with Lionsgate and others to create a virtual reality game based on the 2014 movie, John Wick . Starbreeze is serving mostly as publisher of the game and it is being developed by... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus Acquires Pebbles Interfaces To Enhance Hand Tracking

    Oculus has announced that its family is growing with the acquisition of Pebbles Interfaces, an Israeli company specializing in hand movement tracking. That team will be working on tracking and human-computer interactions. In the video below, you’ll see a bit of what Pebbles Interfaces has been... More
  • Blog Post: Rebellion Announces Battlezone 1998 Remaster

    Developer Rebellion announced today that it is remastering Battlezone, the 1998 PC remake of the arcade game. The studio is also currently working on a virtual reality version, based on Atari's 1980 original. When Atari filed for bankruptcy in 2013, Rebellion scooped up the Battlezone franchise.... More
  • Blog Post: E3 2015 Virtual Reality Roundup: Oculus, Morpheus, HoloLens, And More

    For the past three years, E3 has become an increasingly large stage for virtual reality leaders and hopefuls. This year, three major players all showcased new technology and experiences, with support from a variety of developers. We also got a chance to check out a couple of third-party peripherals that... More
  • Blog Post: ILM Experience Lab Bringing Star Wars Into Virtual Reality

    A new video has released announcing the existence and showcasing the work of the ILM Experience Lab (shortened to ILMxLAB). The newly formed division of ILM and parent company Lucasfilm is exploring experiential interactive entertainment opportunities for Star Wars and other properties like Jurassic... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus Unveils Final Version Of Oculus Rift Headset

    Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus Rift, welcomed those in attendance at Oculus' E3 2015 press conference by revealing the final version of the Oculus Rift VR headset. The headset has been adjusted numerous times over the course of the past three years, and Iribe feels confident that this is the version... More
  • Blog Post: Ultrasound May Be The Answer To VR’s Tactile Troubles

    The conundrum of providing users physical feedback from virtual reality has seemed like a sci-fi dream for years, but British company Ultrahaptics ’ new technology may change all that. Co-developed by Professor Sriram Subramanian at the University of Bristol, the technology focuses points of ultrasound... More
  • Blog Post: Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition Arrives At Retail This Week For Demo And Purchase

    Samsung has announced that you’ll soon be able to purchase its self-contained head-mounted display at retail. If you’ve been curious about trying out one of the recent virtual reality products for the first time, you’ll likely have your chance. Starting on Friday, March 27, Gear VR... More
  • Blog Post: Shovel Knight Composer Jake Kaufman Is Creating A VR Rock Opera

    Jake Kaufman and Jessie Seely’s Nuren Kickstarter campaign has been funded. Working under the name CSP Industries, Kaufman and Seely have gathered together 3D and 2D artists from inside and outside the game industry to help populate Nuren’s different spaces. When completed, the project will... More
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