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  • Blog Post: [Update] Nordic Says Retail Listing For Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition On PS4 Is Legit

    Update: A representative from Nordic Games has told us that "the listing is real," for Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition on PS4. Further information wasn't given, but hopefully we should know more soon. Original Story: Publisher Nordic Games has already confirmed a definitive edition... More
  • Blog Post: Nordic Games: Authenticity Of Darksiders II PS4 Retail Listing Is ‘Unquestionable’

    It’s not uncommon these days for games to be revealed via errant retailer listing. Unlike many of those situations though, the listing in question hasn’t been pulled and the publisher is handling it with humor. A listing for Vigil's Darksiders II Definitive Edition for PlayStation 4 has... More
  • Blog Post: Creative Director Says We May Not Have Seen The Last Of Darksiders

    Nordic Games cleaned up at THQ's IP auctions last April, snatching up dozens of titles , from All Star Cheer Squad to You Don't Know Jack. One of the higher-profile franchises the publisher acquired was Darksiders, which has left fans of the post-apocalyptic series wondering about its future... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Studio Would You Save From The Chopping Block?

    With recent studio closure announcements and rumors on our minds, we ask you about what developer you would save above all others. It’s never good news when a development studio closes up shop. Even if you don’t love the games that developer makes, there’s a lot to be said for a the... More
  • Blog Post: Platinum Games Shows Interest In The Darksiders Franchise

    Atsushi Inaba, the head of Platinum games, tweeted that he may be interested in snatching up the rights to Darksiders. The report comes from Kotaku , which translated the Japanese tweet from Inaba. It reads, "In THQ studio and IP selling off auction, Darksiders is unsold? [We] wanna buy it...on... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders II's Lead Designer Tweets What Could Have Been

    Today, THQ's assets were sold off to the highest bidders , and unfortunately that did not include Vigil and the Darksiders franchise. We heard from Vigil's combat designer Ben Cureton about the unfortunate circumstance, and now Darksiders II lead designer Haydn Dalton has tweeted about what may... More
  • Blog Post: Vigil Combat Designer Posts Goodbye Letter

    When all of this THQ news started rolling in today, one of the first signs of trouble at Vigil was a tweet from Ben Cureton, combat designer on Darksiders. His simply read "Anyone looking for a designer? =)" Later, he was able to expand on his thoughts via a post on NeoGAF . Head to the NeoGAF... More
  • Blog Post: Death From Darksiders II Gets The Statue Treatment

    Triforce, the maker of all manner of impressive statue collectibles, is taking pre-orders on its stationary recreation of Death. Death, along with his silent crow-buddy Dust, will set you back $150, but people will never confront you if you've got this on your desk, so it's probably worth it... More
  • Blog Post: Vigil Games Cofounder Leaves Studio

    Joe Madureira has announced that he is leaving Vigil Games, the studio he cofounded in 2005. Madureira, the creative director behind the Darksiders games, says that he is moving on to pursue "new adventures." He revealed his departure in a Facebook status update . "Farewell and best wishes... More
  • Blog Post: Upcoming Darksiders II DLC Teased With Single Image

    The official Darksiders twitter account recently tweeted an image and said, "A new adventure awaits Death!" Presumably this is upcoming DLC, but it's unclear if it's The Abyssal Forge or The Demon Lord Belial. Both DLC titles have been announced, but not much has been revealed about... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders II Argul's Tomb DLC Available Now To Pre-Order Customers

    Argul's Tomb, Darksiders II's first playable DLC (everything so far has been armor and weapons) is set for release on Tuesday , but it looks like if you pre-ordered the game you can download it right now. I received an e-mail from THQ last night with the code that was promised when I pre-ordered... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders II Dev Addressing Game Bugs

    Vigil is working on a new update for Darksiders II on console and PC that addresses several bug and player issues since the game launched last week. One of the most notable bugs the team is targeting is one that halts player progression. "A small number of our players on Xbox 360 and PS3 have informed... More
  • Blog Post: Don't Forget About Our Darksiders II Hub

    Back in June '11, Darksiders II graced our cover, and along with it came a huge number of stories and features covering the development of the game. With Darksiders II's impending release this Tuesday, now is the perfect time to revisit all of our coverage. Click here to check out the hub to... More
  • Blog Post: See Darksiders II's Arena Mode In Action

    Last week we learned about Darksiders II's Arena mode where you can fight your way through waves and waves of enemies for the best items in the game. Now we get to see it in action. Darksiders II releases on Tuesday, and as a big fan of the original game, I can't wait to jump in Death's shoes... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out Darksiders II's PC Requirements

    If you were wondering if you could run Darksiders II on your PC, wonder no more. Minimum Specs: OS – Windows XP, Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7 Processor – 2.0Ghz Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor or AMD equivalent RAM –2GB Hard Drive – 20 GB space free (10 GB free after install... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders II Gets A Season Pass For Its DLC

    Vigil and THQ is giving Darksiders II players the option to purchase a season pass for its DLC, but it's a little complicated. There are season pass options that are dependent on where you pre-order the game, and whether or not you get the collector's, limited edition, or just the regular version... More
  • Blog Post: Darksider's II Avatar Items Make You Look Like Death

    Face it: Your Xbox 360 avatar looks stupid (unless you are Robocop ). THQ wants to help you fix that by allowing you to purchase some Darksiders II-related avatar items. The items, pictured below, range in cost from 80 to 400 Microsoft points, and are available today. THQ promises a similar collection... More
  • Blog Post: Darksiders II Collector's And Limited Editions Coming

    THQ has announced today that there will be multiple versions of Darksiders II with assorted bonuses. The collector's edition, outlined in the image above, will include the limited edition version of the game (outlined below), a life-sized replica Death mask, in-game unique Shadow of Death armor and... More
  • Blog Post: Assassin's Creed Composer Working On Darksiders II

    Jesper Kyd may not be a familiar name to most gamers, but it's likely that you have heard his music before. Kyd is mostly known for working on the Assassin's Creed and Hitman series, and he also did work on Borderlands among many others. Darksiders II also features the work of Giles Lamb, but... More
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