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  • Blog Post: Game-Addicted South Korean Teens Recover Boot Camp Style

    What do you do if you're a parent in South Korea who is fed up with your child's StarCraft II marathons? Send them to boot camp, where they endure every trial the average soldier faces; endurance sessions in harsh conditions, endless exercise, and moderated technology use. All Voices has a photos... More
  • Blog Post: ESA-Decried Video Game Study Released

    Last week , the video game trade group the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) preemptively criticized Dr. Douglas Gentile's study about video game addiction in Pediatrics magazine. It's now out, and Dr. Gentile (associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University – Ames) finds... More
  • Blog Post: Returning NFL Player Planning Video Game Addiction Charity

    Meet Quinn Pitcock. This football player was brought on to the Indianapolis Colts back in 2007 but quit suddenly and unexpectedly in 2008 and disappeared. Now he's resurfaced on the Seattle Seahawks, and he says that depression and video game addiction were the reasons behind his previous departure... More
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