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  • Blog Post: Skylanders Is Now A $3 Billion Franchise

    After a year, we finally have new Skylanders sales data. Activision last reported in early 2014 that the the franchise was worth $2 billion. That’s a bit higher now. Skylanders, which was confirmed on Activision’s earnings call today, is now a $3 billion franchise. The “toys-to-life”... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Traps Shelf Space At Apple Stores Across The United States

    If you walk into an Apple store today, you’ll be able to purchase the tablet version of Skylanders: Trap Team. You might recall from our earlier coverage , that this is the first time that Activision has released a full version on mobile devices, complete with a portal. The mobile starter packs... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] A Checklist Of All The Skylanders Swap Force Characters

    If you are a parent with a Skylanders fan in the house (or a Skylanders fan yourself), you might be wondering which figures are coming out this year and when you'll be able to get them. This handy checklist will be updated with new information as we have it. The first thing to know is that this year's... More
  • Blog Post: Activision And Scottish Tourism Pair Skylands With The Isle Of Skye

    The concept of "sister cities" isn't a new one, and the concept has spread from major metropolises to small towns. Activision and VisitScotland are doing something a little different, though. The duo have virtually "twinned" the Isle of Skye with Skylanders' fictional Skylands... More
  • Blog Post: Vicarious Visions Answers Our Questions About Taking The Lead On Skylanders

    When Skylanders was first announced three years ago, it was met with a lot of skepticism. Since then, the series has grown into a $1.5 billion franchise , with iterations on eight platforms, including three different mobile titles. Today marks the release of the third main entry in the franchise, Skylanders... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders: Swap Force Goes Dark With Collector's Edition

    If you wanted evidence that Skylanders has gone outside its demographic, here it is. The third game in Activision's $1.5 billion franchise is getting a collector's edition, even if it doesn't carry those exact words. The Skylanders: Swap Force Dark Edition will retail for $99.99 only at Gamestop... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Swap Available For Pre-Order Today Worldwide, Prices Announced

    Since our announcement of Skylanders Swap Force, new details have emerged on the pricing of the next installment of the Skylanders series. Now available for pre-order, the starter pack's suggested retail price is set for $74.99. Those who reserve a pack will receive a free toy upon pick-up at participating... More
  • Blog Post: Activision To Debut New Skylanders

    Activision is putting internal studio Vicarious Visions in charge of the next Skylanders game, dubbed Swap Force. The game – which doesn't have an official release time frame yet – lets players combine the top and bottom halves of 16 Swap Force characters for 250 combinations. These unique... More
  • Blog Post: Redesigned Crash Bandicoot Spotted In Vicarious Visions Studio Photo

    Update: Vicarious Visions has deleted the photo featuring the mysterious new Crash Bandicoot from its facebook page. Does it mean anything? Or are we reading into it a little bit too much? Thanks to to JB for pointing out the evaporating photo! ------------------------- A photo posted on Vicarious Vision's... More
  • Blog Post: You'll Never Play Call Of Duty Tactics

    Vicarious Visions was developing a prototype for a new strategy game in the Call of Duty series. Too bad it's never coming out. A video for the prototype was discovered recently on animator Steve Nelson's online portfolio . The gameplay is reminiscent of the classic SEGA Genesis title General... More
  • Blog Post: Another Wii U Developer: Vicarious Visions

    I know that LinkedIn is ostensibly for business people to connect with each other and build professional networks, but the site's alternate function of leaking unannounced products before their time sometimes seems larger. Today's edition features Activision's Vicarious Visions studio working... More
  • Blog Post: Vicarious Visions Hit With Layoffs, FreeStyle Games Future In Doubt

    The fallout from Activision's labor reducing efforts continue today, with reports that the company's Vicarious Visions studio has been hit with layoffs. According to Develop , "around fifty" employees have been let go from Vicarious, which has largely worked on licensed games and Wii... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: Guitar Hero Dead, Massive Activision Layoffs

    UPDATE: Activision confirmed that its Guitar Hero division is closing, DJ Hero is being killed, and that True Crime Hong Kong is being canceled in its fourth-quarter conference call this afternoon. Our condolences to everyone who lost their jobs. ORIGINAL STORY: Activision's quarterly financial conference... More
  • Blog Post: Guitar Hero Goes D&D With Warriors of Rock

    First it was rumors of a Rock Band 3 keytar. Now a Nintendo Power article reveals the next guitar-based Activision music game, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, features a Quest mode replete with a rock fantasy storyline. What the hell is going on in the struggling music space?! According to the article... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: The Day the Music Died at Neversoft?

    UPDATE: Activision has confirmed the layoffs at developers Neversoft and Radical Entertainment. The company is also closing Luxoflux (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen). IGN recieved a statement from the company that says the layoffs are due to the company putting out fewer games in the coming year... More
  • Blog Post: Afterwords: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Raven Software’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance was one of the best comic based video games we’ve ever played. Meanwhile Marvel Comic’s 2006 Civil War storyline has been one of the biggest comic events in recent history. Combing the two seemed like the perfect fusion. But comic fans are notoriously... More
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