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  • Blog Post: Report: Silent Hill: Downpour Developer Under Scrutiny

    Earlier this year Czech developer Vatra Games released Silent Hill: Downpour to average reviews. That performance may seal the fate of Vatra, which is currently under review by owner Kuju Entertainment. Eurogamer's Czech site first reported trouble at Vatra, and since then the main website has contacted... More
  • Blog Post: Silent Hill Dev Explains Why PC Version Is MIA

    The PC is home to some excellent horror titles like Left 4 Dead and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It’s understandable that PC-using Silent Hill fans would want the latest game, Silent Hill: Downpour, to come to their platform. Design director for Downpour, Brian Gomez, has explained via Twitter why... More
  • Blog Post: New Silent Hill: Downpour Composer Discusses Replacing Yamaoka

    Silent Hill fans have been very vocal in the past regarding their appreciation of former series composer Akira Yamaoka. Fortunately for fans, the famed composer is being replaced by a man very familiar with horror - Dexter' s Daniel Licht will be tackling Silent Hill: Downpour . We spoke with Licht... More
  • Blog Post: Silent Hill: Downpour Developer Talks Scrapped Multiplayer Plans

    Silent Hill is all about fear, and a lot of fear comes from isolation. That’s why it’s so surprising that developer Vatra Games had some plans for co-op multiplayer before ultimately deciding it wouldn’t work out for Silent Hill: Downpour. “It was something that they looked at... More
  • Blog Post: Silent Hill: Downpour Screenshots Chill The Spine

    Vatra Games has partnered up with Konami to bring the Silent Hill series back on the survival horror track. If you read my Silent Hill: Downpour feature in issue #214 of Game Informer magazine, then you've already seen the majority of these gorgeous screenshots, but I insist on taking another look... More
  • Blog Post: New Developer Vatra Taking the Reins Of Silent Hill Franchise

    Konami showed a brief trailer of a new Silent Hill title at the end of its recent press event in San Francisco. While not much was revealed about the game, we do know that it is being created by a new developer, Vatra Games (an upstart Czech studio also working on the reboot of of Rush ‘N Attack... More
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