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  • Blog Post: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Is Out On Mac And Linux With Some Fantastic Updates

    Here’s a pleasant surprise for Star Wars fans: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords has been released for both Mac and Linux with a ton of awesome new features. We’ll talk about the rest of the updates in a second, but here’s the big one: the immensely popular... More
  • Blog Post: Free Updates For The Sims 4 Brings Star Wars Costumes Now, Pools Later

    The Sims 4 might not have made the critical splash that EA and Maxis were hoping for ( our review ), but with some free updates, maybe it will warrant a second look from consumers. The first content pack is available now, with some seasonally appropriate inclusions. October means Halloween, so Maxis... More
  • Blog Post: Koei Tecmo Promises Plenty Of Hyrule Warriors Updates Post-Release

    To commemorate the Japanese release of Hyrule Warriors, Koei Tecmo shared an important piece of information regarding its title. Despite not releasing worldwide yet, the publisher promises to provide long-term support for the upcoming hack-and-slash title. Taking to its official Twitter account, the... More
  • Blog Post: Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar Shuts Down This Month

    Today a representative from developer Mythic announced that the free-to-play PC and iPad MMO Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar’s servers will shut down on August 29. Some final changes and in-game bonuses are being added into the MMO for its last month. Ultima Forever’s in-game store no... More
  • Blog Post: Do These Titanfall Myths Stand Up To Science?

    Who cares if poinsettias are lethal or if elephants are really afraid of mice? We want to know if you can shoot down rockets with an Arc Cannon. Learn the truth as well as a few more neat tricks that might come in handy during multiplayer. DefendTheHouse took the time to experiment with Titanfall to... More
  • Blog Post: Titanfall Artist To Hold Live Q&A On Twitch

    If you're devouring any Titanfall information you can before the game's launch, then you might want to tune into N0M4D's Twitch channel tomorrow to listen to Respawn's lead artist Joel Emslie candidly talk about the game. Randy Fitzgerald, aka N0M4D , is a huge fan of shooters. In spite... More
  • Blog Post: Two Million Players Helped Stress Test Titanfall During Beta

    The recent Titanfall beta helped Respawn get a good handle on how the game would hold up once the title's official release date rolls around on March 11. Fortunately, the beta was extremely useful in helping Respawn prepare for that impending launch. Titanfall is a giant multiplayer game that is... More
  • Blog Post: Titanfall's Updates Might Not Interupt Your Multiplayer Sessions

    Server updates are a reality that most gamers have to deal with these days. Nothing is more frustrating than when the game you really want to play is down because the servers are getting an update. Thankfully, Respawn doesn't think they'll need to force gamers to stop playing when it updates... More
  • Blog Post: Super Hexagon's Score Erasing Bug Has Been Fixed

    In you haven't played Super Hexagon, you should. The addictive arcade-like mobile game is now also free of score stealing bugs. Super Hexagon is a little gem of a mobile game that has captured the hearts of several Game Informer editors. Unfortunately, a recent update deleted everyone's high... More
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