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  • Blog Post: Nintendo, Universal Creating A Real-World Nintendo Land

    Nintendo has created a huge roster of characters and memorable worlds over decades in video games – so much so, that the lack of a Nintendo theme park seemed a bit odd. After all, they've carefully cultivated a family-friendly image, and their games seem like a natural fit for the real world... More
  • Blog Post: Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 23 Adopts A Resident Evil Theme

    Every year, Universal Orlando puts together an impressive collection of haunted houses and horror attractions. This year, Universal is looking towards The Walking Dead , Evil Dead , The Cabin in the Woods , and Resident Evil. Universal consulted with Capcom, specifically Resident Evil 6 producer Yoshiaki... More
  • Blog Post: Wired Explains Why The Halo Movie Project Failed

    In an exhaustively researched and well-written article, Wired digs deep into the saga of the failed Halo film adaptation. It's an interesting look at the still-vast differences that exist between the film and video game industries. The article is long and detailed, so I won't attempt to summarize... More
  • Blog Post: Van Helsing And The Universal Monsters To Star In New MMO

    Ever since 2004's action flop, Van Helsing , Universal hasn't done much with their various popular monster creatures (let's ignore The Wolfman ). Apparently that will change next year, as the film studio brings all of their most iconic monsters to the world of video games with a new MMO.... More
  • Blog Post: Spielberg And DreamWorks To Take On Halo Movie?

    A few weeks ago, Microsoft's Frank O'Connor told Variety that the company is still interested in a Halo flick that would be a standalone story and not a retelling of any of the games in the franchise. With such a robust universe, it's safe to argue any director taking on the project would... More
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