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  • Blog Post: Undead Labs Shutting Down Moonrise With A Fan-Friendly Blowout

    The studio behind the cult zombie-survival favorite State of Decay clearly has a thing for reanimated corpses, as its name, Undead Labs, hints. That doesn't mean that the developers there are only interested in things that moan "Brains." The studio has been working on a free-to-play monster... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Archive Of Our State Of Decay Stream

    Undead Labs and Microsoft have released State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition, bringing a slew of new features and improvements to the game on Xbox One and PC. We started a new game of Breakdown, which is the game's open-ended story mode, and we'd love for you to watch. Watch the archived... More
  • Blog Post: Gawk At The 1,500 Achievement Points In State Of Decay: Year One Survival Edition

    Undead Labs' State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition pulls together the original game along with its two DLC offerings, among other additions. Whether you're playing the game for the first time or returning to the franchise, this edition has plenty of new achievements for you to feast on. Here's... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Undead Labs Finds Tons Of Hidden Penises In State Of Decay

    Update: Microsoft has issued the following statement regarding the genitalia Undead Labs discovered in State of Decay, which was secretly placed there by contracted help. “Undead Labs was not aware of the textures in question until they began the process of exporting textures for State of Decay... More
  • Blog Post: Undead Labs Piles Up 2 Million State Of Decay Sales

    Undead Labs has announced another milestone for its zombie apocalypse simulator, State of Decay. The developer is celebrating 2 million copies sold across Xbox Live and Steam. The company doesn’t have any new announcements, but it promises a month of festivities to commemorate the good news. The... More
  • Blog Post: State of Decay Coming to Xbox One in 2015

    Microsoft announced that XBLA's surprise zombie-survival hit from last summer will be making its way to Xbox One in an enhanced form called State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition. Scheduled to release in Spring 2015, Year-One Survival Edition contains the two downloadable content packs –... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Decay's Lifeline Expansion Out Today

    Undead Labs has announced that State of Decay' s second major piece of post-launch support is arriving today. Lifeline lets players see the zombie outbreak from the military's perspective, and it doesn't look as though things are much better on that side. As Mike wrote in his hands-on preview... More
  • Blog Post: Enlist In Our Hands-On Preview Of State Of Decay's Second Expansion

    State of Decay has been an enormous success for Undead Labs, and the studio is preparing to deliver some oft-requested features in a new expansion. Lifeline will give players new characters, a new map, and new challenges. We went hands-on with Lifeline at PAX to experiment with the new weapons, zombie... More
  • Blog Post: Undead Labs Confirms Lifeline DLC For State Of Decay

    State of Decay is getting a little bigger. Undead Labs has confirmed that it has begun early playtesting on a new expansion called Lifeline. The first add-on, Breakdown , was released in November. The developer isn’t ready to discuss any details beyond mentioning a new map and targeted simultaneous... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Decay's First DLC Dated

    State of Decay players will have something new to dig into when the game's first expansion DLC comes out at the end of the month. The Breakdown DLC – complete with more difficulty, weapons, survivors, etc. – hits on November 29 for $7 on Xbox 360 and PC. Also coming for the game at the... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Decay Third Title Update Out Today

    Undead Labs continues to polish and perfect State of Decay . The promised third title update is rolling out now, with a host of improvements and feature tweaks . The good news for most players is that there is no need to start a new game to make use of the new features. However, there is a nasty bug... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Decay Being Re-Submitted To Australian Ratings Board

    State of Decay developer Undead Labs says it has re-submitted the game to the Australian Classification Board for rating after making a few changes. Last week it was reported that the game was denied classification due to what the board deemed was "drug use related to incentives or rewards."... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Decay Also Refused Ratings Classification In Australia

    It's been a busy week for the Australian Classification Board, the government entity responsible for rating entertainment media. A second title has now been declined classification, even under the new R18+ banner, put into effect at the start of 2013. State of Decay , Undead Labs' open world... More
  • Blog Post: Undead Labs' State Of Decay Coming This Week

    To lump all zombie games into one category would be a mistake. There are first-person titles (Dead island), team-based survival experiences (Left 4 Dead), and those that give you a limited amount of time to complete missions and take out as many of the undead as possible (Dead Rising). Is there room... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Decay And Its Open World Apocalypse

    Zombie games have been in constant supply during this console generation, but many of them focus on action. With the upcoming State of Decay for Xbox Live Arcade, developer Undead Labs is instead forcing the player to focus more on survival and building a community of survivors. In the game's open... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Decay: Zombie Horror Goes Open World

    Seattle-based game developer Undead Labs finally unveiled State of Decay, an open-world zombie apocalypse title for PC and Xbox Live Arcade due out next year. The project was announced last year under its code name Class3 and debuted at the Penny Arcade Expo earlier this month. After going hands-on with... More
  • Blog Post: State Of Decay Revealed

    The upcoming zombie survival game from developer Undead Labs has been revealed. State of Decay is a new, open-world game in development for Xbox 360 and PC. The announcement notes State of Decay is a 3rd-person action game "set in a dynamic open world," where player actions and choices generate... More
  • Blog Post: Undead Labs' Zombies to Infect XBLA

    Microsoft Game Studios has signed up for an exclusive Xbox Live Arcade title from Undead Labs codenamed Class3. There is no release date in sight currently for the game, but the title has zombies in it, so when you hear undead moans, you'll know it's coming. Developer Undead Labs is billing the... More
  • Blog Post: Zombie Apocalypse MMO Spearheaded By Former WoW Dev

    Zombie-fever rages on. We’ve hacked the undead to bits in Left 4 Dead 2 and Dead Rising, slain laboratory abominations in Resident Evil, and even defended our homes against them with ferocious plant life. What we haven’t had, however, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Zombie Game. Jeff Strain... More
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