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  • Blog Post: This Joker's Fun House Is A Living, Breathing Lego Contraption

    Lego builder Paul Hetherington has a special talent for bringing the home-base of Batman's most iconic foe to life. It's not a direct reference to a specific location from the Arkham games, or the Lego Batman games, but it would fit comfortably in either one. The creation is impressive in photographs... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City Comic Book Review

    "I still see the tableau in my mind's eye, the way I dreamed it would end. Batman, one fist raised in a last pathetic act of defiance, a brave oath dying on his lips as I crushed the life out of him. And above it all, my laughter rising over the crack of his bones." These are the first... More
  • Blog Post: Mattel Arkham City Figures Slated For Parole

    Spawned from Mattel’s DC Universe Batman Legacy line, a pair of two Arkham City figures are currently in production. The offering includes Batman and Two-Face, packaged together for $30.99. Both stand at six-inches tall and are articulated at multiple points, as is the standard. I’m personally... More
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