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  • Blog Post: Lima Sky Recommends Breaking And Entering To Best Enjoy Doodle Jump Kinect

    The mobile hit Doodle Jump has made its way to Xbox 360 with added Kinect controls, but the game's commercial has an odd recommendation of how to best enjoy the game. You could purchase the game on the personal Xbox 360 that you keep in your home, but according to the commercial below, clearly the... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: The Next Bejeweled Game May Be Called Frenzy

    PopCap has registered the domain name BejeweledFrenzy.com, leading to speculation that the next entry in the Bejeweled franchise may have the word Frenzy at the end. PopCap also registered the .net and .org versions of the site. Outside of the numerical Bejeweled entries, there have been Twist and Blitz... More
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