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  • Blog Post: Tron Evolution Game Soundtrack Released On Futuristic Vinyl

    Daft Punk's soundtrack for the film Tron Evolution has won high praise from fans, but the video game adaptation of the movie also features some cool, futuristic music, composed by video game and dance producer Sascha Dikiciyan . Now, thanks to the L.A. based media wizards at I Am 8-Bit , the game... More
  • Blog Post: Tron: Evolution Collector's Edition Detailed, Dated

    Following the announcement of the Epic Mickey Collector's Edition, Disney Interactive now presents the special edition release of Tron: Evolution for PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The Tron: Evolution Collector's Edition will get you a Slideshow Collectibles model of the Light Cycle and a display... More
  • Blog Post: PDP And Disney Team For Tron And Epic Mickey Controllers

    To celebrate the game launches for both Disney Epic Mickey and the new Tron Legacy title coming from Disney Interactive, PDP has come up with some slick ideas to help you dive in head first. As you may have read in our extensive coverage of Epic Mickey, players will be painting the world as they see... More
  • Blog Post: Sly Collection And Other 3D Titles Announced

    At Sony's press briefing this afternoon, CEO Kaz Hirai led the 3D presentation saying that within the next year, the PlayStation 3 will push gaming to a new level as the "undisputed leader in 3D." He said PlayStation 3 will do for 3D gaming what Avatar did for 3D movies. Hirai told the... More
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