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  • Blog Post: Dungeon Defenders Dev Trendy Entertainment Lays Off Staff

    Dungeon Defenders II was announced in late 2013, and has been playable on PC and PlayStation 4 in a pre-release state for more than a year. There’s no specific release date in sight, which might be the reason behind recently announced layoffs at developer Trendy Entertainment. The company says... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeon Defenders II Comes To PS4 This Month In Paid Pre-Alpha

    Both Sony and Microsoft are now experimenting with versions of early access. This morning, Trendy announced that eventual free-to-play Dungeon Defenders II will be arriving on PlayStation 4 this month in paid pre-alpha. Dungeon Defenders II, an action-oriented tower defense game, has been in early access... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeon Defenders 2 Coming To PlayStation 4 As Console Exclusive

    Even before PlayStation Experience, Sony is racking up third-party exclusives. Early today news of Street Fighter V leaked and Godzilla was confirmed for PlayStation systems during the Game Awards. Trendy Entertainment is also joining the party, with the news that Dungeon Defenders 2 will be a PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeon Defenders Eternity Available Now

    Yes, Dungeon Defenders II is slated to come out in 2014, but that isn't stopping Trendy Entertainment from sending off the original tower defense/RPG hybrid in style. Dungeon Defenders Eternity is not unlike a game of the year edition. This $15 release bundles all of the previously released content... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeon Defenders Studio Hires Former LucasArts Head As CEO

    Trendy Entertainment, the studio behind Dungeon Defenders and its upcoming sequel , has a new CEO. Darrell Rodriguez, former president of LucasArts, is taking on the role. "I have been extremely fortunate to work with some of the most talented and passionate people across various creative industries... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeon Defenders II Announced With Trailer

    The tower defense gameplay of Dungeon Defenders proved popular , and Trendy Entertainment is following up on the formula with Dungeon Defenders II. Most noticeable about the sequel is that it’s a free-to-play title, and it’s a 5v5 MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game – at least... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeon Defenders Vita Shelved

    According to Trendy Entertainment, they are no longer working on porting one of its most popular games onto the Vita. In a recent post on the official Dungeon Defenders forum, the developer stated that Dungeon Defenders will not be coming to Sony's hand held. This decision was not because they saw... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeon Defenders Coming To Consoles

    Castle Crashers meets Defense of the Ancients in this new downloadable title for PSN and XBLA. Already available on PC, Dungeon Defenders mixes action/RPG swords & sorcery with tower defense in a bright, colorful fantasy world. Created by Trendy Entertainment, the game will be releasing to both XBLA... More
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