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  • Blog Post: SNK Blocks The Manufacture Of NeoGeo X

    NeoGeo X, the retro re-release of the NeoGeo home console, has been officially discontinued as of October 2. The console and its accompanying game packs were manufactured by Tommo which had a license to create and manufacture the product from NeoGeo owners SNK Playmore. In a notice on SNK Playmore's... More
  • Blog Post: Handcrafted SNK Neo Geo Constructed From Rare Woods

    If the NeoGeo X Gold didn't satisfy your desire for classic video game systems, check out these handcrafted SNK Neo Geo systems made out of rare woods. Analog Interactive Black Label is a custom service that sounds like an alcohol, but really lets customers select any wood in the entire world to... More
  • Blog Post: NeoGeo X Gold Releases This Week

    If you scoff at the idea of paying $60 for a game today, be thankful you didn't own a NeoGeo system in the early '90s. NeoGeo games retailed for $200 and up. This console was initially designed to be used in hotels and bars, but consumer interest led to it being sold in stores. The system launched... More
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