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  • Blog Post: Todd Hollenshead Departs Id Software

    Since 1996, Todd Hollenshead has been the man at the top of Id Software. Today, that era comes to a close. IGN has reported, and Bethesda has confirmed, that Hollenshead has left the company. Hollenshead served as Id's CEO until the company was purchased by Zenimax in 2009, at which point his title... More
  • Blog Post: Id: Rage Sales Will Be Split Evenly On Consoles And PC

    Id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead predicts that its upcoming game, Rage, will sell one third on PlayStation 3, another third on Xbox 360, and the last bit on PC, in contrast to previous skews toward PC. In an interview with Eurogamer , Hollenshead describes the change. "I'm not in the sales forecast... More
  • Blog Post: id Says New Engine Not For Sale

    id Software has made a name for itself not only with its games, but by the licensing of its engines as well. Now, however, id president Todd Hollenshead says that id engines will only be used in id/Bethesda titles. "It's like, look, this is a competitive advantage," he told Eurogamer ,... More
  • Blog Post: id Pleased with Zenimax Merger

    It’s been six months since id was bought by Zenimax, but the honeymoon continues. In an interview with Edge Online , id president, Todd Hollenshead, expressed satisfaction with how the merger has gone. “It’s actually worked out really well. They value development for its own sake, rather... More
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