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  • Blog Post: Epic's Tim Sweeney Doubles Down On UWP Criticism, Challenges Apple To Open iOS Platform

    Last week Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney wrote a scathing editorial about Micosoft's UWP initiative, calling it a thinly veiled attempt to monopolize the Windows ecosystem. Given Epic's close past with Microsoft, working on both the Gears of War series and operating as a sounding board for the... More
  • Blog Post: Fortnite Takes Backseat To Paragon, But Still A Priority For Epic

    Nearly two years have passed since we featured Epic Games' ambitious fort-building action game on the cover of Game Informer , which has been spinning its wheels in closed alpha for quite some time. Curious about its development timeline in the aftermath of producer Tanya Watson's departure,... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Games Founder And Microsoft Butt Heads Over PC Storefront Policies

    Epic Games' founder Tim Sweeney recently wrote an editorial for The Guardian openly speaking out against Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform, and even making a call to other developers and publishers to fight against the new distribution platform. Sweeney, as the founder of the studio that... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Boss Tim Sweeney: VR Destined For A Better Fate Than 3D

    Read a story on the promise of virtual reality on this or another website, and you will inevitably come across a reader comment dismissing the head-mounted tech as another gimmick, just like the failed push to make 3D a destination experience for gaming, film, and television. Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Games' Tim Sweeney And Mark Rein Headed To Develop Hall Of Fame

    Two of gaming's most influential figures will be recognized next month at the 2013 Develop Industry Excellence Awards. Epic Games' founder, CEO, and technical director Tim Sweeney and co-founder and vice president Mark Rein will be inducted into Develop magazine's development hall of fame... More
  • Blog Post: Top Developers React To PlayStation 4

    Every new console causes excitement among gamers with promises of better graphics, more complex gaming experiences, and new functionality. However, it's often the opinions of the developers who make the games we play that really matter. Any system must court the world's best development talent... More
  • Blog Post: Developers Can't Catch A Break As Impossible Studios Closes Its Doors

    The Impossible Studios developers seem to be facing the impossible task of working at a studio that doesn't fold. Big Huge Games, developer of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, went out of business last year, and now some of that former team's veterans find themselves once again out of a job after... More
  • Blog Post: Epic: Next Gen Dev Costs To Double

    The makers of the popular Unreal Engine and Gears of War say the development costs of next-generation titles will likely double. Speaking today at the Montreal International Game Summit, Epic Games chief technology officer Tim Sweeney said the costs could be way worse, noting the three minute Samaritan... More
  • Blog Post: New Unreal Engine 4 Screenshots Appear

    This is what you can expect out of next-gen console hardware. Welcome to the future. Tech publication Wired has obtained a fresh set of screens from the graphics engine Epic Games is preparing for the next round of consoles, as well as interviews with Epic technology master and co-founder Tim Sweeney... More
  • Blog Post: John Romero To Prospective Indie Devs: What Are You Waiting For?

    The Doom creator says if you want to start making games, there is no better time to start doing it than right now. "Lots of people want to make indie games, and they are usually waiting for permission to do it," he told the GDC audience during his "Back To The Garage: The Return of Indie... More
  • Blog Post: Epic's Tim Sweeney: Lifelike Graphics Will Happen During Our Lifetimes

    One of the gaming industry's preeminent minds took the stage for a speech at the D.I.C.E. summit today, and his talking points didn't disappoint technophiles. A self-acknowledged tech geek who feels more comfortable speaking to programmers about topics like the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem... More
  • Blog Post: Epic CEO Tim Sweeney Talks Unreal Engine 4

    Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games usually likes to stay in the background when it comes to his company, but in a recent interview with IGN , he decided to speak up and talk about the future of video games. Sweeney is the man in charge over at Epic, but still likes to keep his hands dirty by... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Games Is Latest Victim Of Hack Attack

    Yesterday it was revealed that Codemasters' website was hacked (again), now Epic says that its websites and forums were attacked. On Epic's official forum , administrator Flak says that posts and new accounts made after Monday were lost, and a statement from Epic Games' CEO Tim Sweeney states... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Shows Unreal Engine 3 On Sony's NGP

    Epic Games' Tim Sweeney was on hand at Sony's PlayStation Meeting to show Unreal Engine 3 running on the NGP. The demo began with a demonstration of Dungeon Defenders, a game originally developed for phones, running on the NGP. Sweeney also showed a short clip of Epic Citadel running on the handheld... More
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