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  • Blog Post: Sentry Turret Can Be Matched To Environment

    It was recently announced that Cryptozoic Entertainment is working on a Portal board game . If you’re planning to buy one, you might be thinking about how you will protect such a hot commodity. Thankfully, you can get a customizable mini sentry turret to protect your valuables, like board games... More
  • Blog Post: File Important Papers In This Minecraft USB Desktop Portal

    We already geeked out over ThinkGeek’s Angry Birds-Themed Pork Rinds , but this Minecraft USB Desktop Portal would make our lives so much better. Encourage efficient use of resources here ! More
  • Blog Post: Aperture Science Begins Testing New Think Geek Hoodie

    For a hoodie, Think Geek’s new officially Licensed Portal 2 hoodie is pretty good. Given the series' slick aesthetics and overall mind-bending gameplay, maybe our expectations for an official hoodie were a little high, however. Don’t get us wrong; we’re still buying this. If you’re... More
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