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  • Blog Post: Square Enix Announces A New Pair Of Game Collections

    Square Enix has announced a pair of collections that bundle together some of the publisher's best games on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The collections are thematically tied together, so you're covered whether your tastes lean toward causing mayhem or keeping a low profile. The first collection... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus In February Brings Transistor, Yakuza 4, And More

    Your time is running out to nab January’s PlayStation Plus games. But as your scurrying off to PSN to make sure you’ve done that, why not press play and see what’s in store for February. Next month sees a mix of indie gems peppered with some bigger names. On PlayStation 4, it’s... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Vertigo And Prime Universe At Work On Thief Movie Adaptation

    According to tracking-board.com, Vertigo Entertainment and Prime Universe are developing a movie based on Thief, the stealth video game franchise. The movie is being produced by Adrian Askarieh and Roy Lee, who are also co-producing the Deus Ex movie . Askarieh also produced the 2007 film adaptation... More
  • Blog Post: Looking Glass Studios Founder Paul Neurath Announces New Project

    Looking Glass Studios might be no more, but its legacy lives on. Thief, Ultima Underworld, and System Shock 2 (which it co-developed with Ken Levine’s Irrational Games) have all left an indelible mark on the industry. Neurath is now at the helm of a new team, Otherside Entertainment, which has... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Users Report Date-Related Thief Save Data Corruption, Square Enix Responds

    Update: Following our original story yesterday, dozens of readers have reached out to us to explain the problems they are having across platforms. We've heard of two issues related to saves that seem to be related. The first is a looping problem that prevents players from leaving Garrett's clock... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Website Inserts Thief's Garrett Into Playable Final Fantasy [April Fools' Day]

    One nice part of Square Enix owning the Thief license is they can do fun stuff with it on days like today. If you go to the official Japanese Thief site , you will be taken to a Final Fantasy battle where you can only play as the "Master Thief" class, who has way lower HP than the other classes... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 3/7/14

    A good section of the office's weekend plans include playing Thief and South Park: The Stick of Truth – probably also as a thief. This office might not be the safest…What games are you spending some time with this weekend? Kim Wallace : I have some review games I'm finishing up,... More
  • Blog Post: Layoffs Hit Eidos Montreal Following The Release Of Thief

    Game Informer has received word from multiple sources that layoffs have hit Thief developer Eidos Montreal. The staffing cuts are said to affect approximately 30 employees. Eidos Montreal released Thief last week to varied critical response ( our review ). Prior to Thief, the studio was responsible for... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 2/28/14

    Another week has passed and even though it’s almost March, here in Minnesota, spring seems no closer. I don’t remember what warm feels like in all honesty. What is a good way to pass the time when it’s too cold outside? Video games of course. Here’s what we're thinking this... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Discusses Resolution Differences On New-Generation Consoles

    Another publisher has decided to get out in front of the resolution conversation. Square Enix has revealed some key technical details for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Thief. Both versions run at 30 frames per second. However, the Xbox One version will output at 900p and the PlayStation 4 iteration... More
  • Blog Post: Thief Companion App & Pre-Order Details Emerge

    Square Enix and developer Eidos Montreal have detailed their plans for the companion app for Thief, as well as the game's pre-order goodies. The app comes in two flavors: free and the full version ($2.99). The free one gives you access to trailers, artwork, screens, news, character bios, and the... More
  • Blog Post: VGX Live Schedule Outlines What To Expect

    VGX Live (formerly the VGAs) is happening tonight, and though we don't know exactly what will be shown and premiered, a schedule of events gives us a pretty good idea. We don't have exact times, but this schedule of events will give you a good idea of what's coming up while watching the show... More
  • Blog Post: Our PlayStation 4 Coverage Hub

    Since we're on the eve of the PlayStation 4 launch, we thought it'd be the perfect time to go back and see what's in store. We've had a lot of content come out this week on the system and its games. Below you can find everything categorized by news, features, previews, reviews, and test... More
  • Blog Post: Thief Box Art Revealed

    Following a new trailer from this morning, Thief's official box art is now available for your gazing. The trailer establishes the world Garrett lives in where the rich steal from the poor. In classic Robin Hood style, Garrett plans to protest by robbing the rich of their luxuries. Thief is coming... More
  • Blog Post: Eidos Montreal General Manager Stephan D'Astous Resigns

    Update #2: Square-Enix provided a statement to Game Informer detailing changes at a number of studios that occurred last month. " As Square Enix re-aligns its business in the West against a rapidly changing market, we have made some strategic changes to some studio teams.," the statement reads... More
  • Blog Post: Thief Is Coming To Current-Generation Consoles

    We knew that Eidos Montréal's Thief was coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Today, we've got some interesting news for those hoping to play on current consoles. According to a post on the official Thief community blog, the game play experience will be the same, regardless of which... More
  • Blog Post: Ask Eidos-Montreal Your Thief Questions

    We have the developers behind the upcoming Thief reboot on tap to answer all your questions about the game. Now we just need your questions. No matter how long our cover stories get, there's no way we can shove every detail we learn about a game into our magazine. We'd love to answer any burning... More
  • Blog Post: April Cover Revealed: Thief

    Eidos Montreal has been working for years to reboot the classic stealth series Thief, and the fruits of its labor will finally be revealed in issue 240 of Game Informer Magazine . Our April cover story is a world-exclusive look at this next-generation stealth title. Series hero Garrett returns to the... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Thief 4 Pushed Back To The Next Generation Of Consoles

    Rumors are circulating that the next installment in the Thief series won't be making it to current generation consoles. Little is known about what is happening with Thief 4. It was presumably set to release for the current generation of consoles and PCs, there was this possible concept video , and... More
  • Blog Post: [Updated] Thief Designer Doug Church Now With Valve

    [Update] We received an official confirmation via an email from Valve's Doug Lombardi. It was short and to the point: "On the record: It's true." This certainly seems to be good news for both Church and Valve. Original Story: You may not have heard of Doug Church, but rest assured that... More
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