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  • Blog Post: Rockstar Unloads GTA: Episodes From Liberty City PS3 Trailer

    PlayStation 3 owners eager to spend more time in Liberty City can do so tomorrow, when Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City on the platform for the first time. The pack includes both of the formerly Xbox 360 exclusive episodes, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony... More
  • Blog Post: Take-Two Frustrated By GTA Expansion Sales

    The Grand Theft Auto IV expansion packs received rave reviews from critics, but the Xbox 360-exclusives haven't performed up to expectations for Take-Two's executives. "Both we and Microsoft believed there was a big market for GTA IV episodic content," Take-Two CEO Ben Feder admitted... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Teases With Another GTA IV Expansion Trailer

    Rockstar Games has released the second trailer for its upcoming companion title Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City. This Xbox 360 retail release includes Grand Theft Auto IV's latest chapter, The Ballad of Gay Tony, as well as the biker gang epic The Lost and Damned. The Ballad of Gay... More
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