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  • Blog Post: TGS 2012 Breaks Attendance Record

    Westerners have questioned the continued relevance of Tokyo Game Show for years, but that hasn't stopped Japan's premier video game convention from growing. Today, the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association announced that 223,752 visitors attended this year's convention, topping... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man Xover For iOS Gets A Japanese Trailer

    Mega Man Xover, the social-rpg-action mobile game for iOS devices was first shown last month, but now we get to see the game in action for a few fleeting moments. The trailer spends a lot of time flashing Japanese text all over the screen and showing off Mega Man's new look. He has a warm furry collar... More
  • Blog Post: Going To Japan? Don't Miss The Capcom Restaurant

    After touring the Tokyo Game Show, we took a night off to check out Capcom's Themed restaurant: Capbar. It turns out, it's crazier than TGS. All of the food and drinks at Capbar are named after the company's games. You can order a Resident Evil drink that comes with colored herbs to mix in... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Tokyo Game Show 2012: Day Two

    Back by popular demand! You told us that you wanted more, so here is a look at more of the stupid Pokémon crap we saw at TGS 2012. Rockstar can't make it to E3, Gamescom, or PAX, but it makes a special trip to TGS to show off its most Japanese centric title More than any other show we attended... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At Tokyo Game Show 2012: Day One

    The other day we woke up in Japan, so we figured we'd check out this cool curry place in the basement of the Tokyo Game Show. Here's the stuff we saw on the way to lunch. Outside of the convention center we saw some posters for a new Japanese boy band called PlayStation A shot of the show from... More
  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Announced

    Square Enix announced a new HD collection of Kingdom Hearts titles is coming to PlayStation 3. The collection is called Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and includes: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix with Japanese voices Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days cutscenes in HD for theater mode... More
  • Blog Post: Okami HD Release Date

    Capcom confirmed the North American release date for Okami HD, the remastered edition of the original PlayStation 2 classic. The game is available on PlayStation Network on October 30. The HD version includes trophies and Move support. It'll cost you $19.99. Check out the latest trailer from TGS... More
  • Blog Post: Ace Attorney 5 Debut Trailer

    Capcom Japan released the first trailer for Ace Attorney 5 on 3DS. Wave goodbye to 2D sprites and say hello to awesome 3D animation. The video gives us a look at at Phoenix Wright with his updated look. We also see some of the new characters introduced in the game. No word yet Ace Attorney 5 is released... More
  • Blog Post: A Batch Of Yaiba Screens Release Complimenting Its Violent Trailer

    Team Ninja and Keiji Inafune revealed a trailer and details about Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z at the Tokyo Game Show, and now it has made a handful of screens available. The game appears to live up to the standard of violence set in place by Ninja Gaiden. Check out the screens below. You can find out more... More
  • Blog Post: Soul Sacrifice Sort Of Delayed

    At TGS, Soul Sacrifice creator Keiji Inafune wouldn't say that his Japanese Vita game has been delayed, but he did say that he expects it to come out later than perhaps planned. Inafune says he wants to take time to incorporate user feedback from TGS as well as a demo into the game, and that it should... More
  • Blog Post: Team Ninja And Comcept Reveal Zombified Ninja Gaiden

    Last week Keiji Inafune teased an upcoming zombie game, Yaiba . At a pre-TGS event in Japan, the Mega Man creator revealed that the full title for this game is Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. During a Team Ninja press conference, Inafune showed up, wearing a Dawn of the Dead shirt, to talk about Yaiba, a game... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus Coming To Vita This November

    Sony announced PlayStation Plus is coming to Vita this November. Plus memberships on PlayStation 3 are automatically carried over to Vita at no additional cost. The PlayStation Plus features available in November for Vita include: Instant Game Collection : Unlimited access to a regularly refreshed selection... More
  • Blog Post: New PlayStation 3 Revealed

    Sony took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show and unveiled the new PlayStation 3 model. The new console releases later this year in North America and Europe. It comes in both White and Black, but only Japan is getting the White option The console is slimmer and lighter than the current PS3 slim by about... More
  • Blog Post: TGS 2011 Breaks Attendance Record, Returning Next Year

    It’s undeniable that the impact of the annual Tokyo Game Show is diminishing from year to year. Despite a lack of solid new content relevant to gamers across the globe, TGS 2011 enjoyed its highest attendance ever this year. 222,668 people shouldered their way towards controllers and booth babes... More
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