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  • Blog Post: BioShock Infinite Items Coming To Team Fortress 2

    A few BioShock-themed items are coming Team Fortress 2 for players who hold season passes for BioShock Infinite's DLC. If you've got the pass, soon you'll be able to download Benjamin Franklin and George Washington masks for Team Fortress 2 You'll also be able to grab a Team Fortress... More
  • Blog Post: Fan Art Imagines Every Hat Worn By A Single Spy In Team Fortress 2

    Update: As promised by artist Ashley Lange, the speed-painting video of her impressive piece is now online. Original story: Artist Ashley Lange has drawn every hat offered by Team Fortress 2 (with a few reasonable exceptions) and placed them on the head of a Spy with impeccable balance. You can head... More
  • Blog Post: New Team Fortress 2 Map And Costume Pieces For Halloween

    Boo! That shock and surprise you're feeling in your gut is probably due to Valve's out-of-nowhere announcement that they're doing a special Halloween update for their online shooter, Team Fortress 2. Check out the details below! Announced on a very wacky page on the official Team Fortress... More
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