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  • Blog Post: Square Enix Closing Cloud Gaming Company Shinra Technologies

    Shinra Technologies , the recently founded cloud gaming company from Square Enix, is shutting its doors. In a press release (translated by Gematsu ), Square Enix said the young company's closure is due to a lack of third-party investors. As a result, the company will report an “extraordinary... More
  • Blog Post: Move Over Super Mario Maker, This AI Creates Levels Just By Watching YouTube

    With Mario Maker coming this fall, fans of gaming’s most popular mascot will finally get to try their hands at creating compelling stages. The machine revolution is upon us, and Skynet (or a relative thereof) has beaten us there. Researchers at Georgia Tech have created an artificial intelligence... More
  • Blog Post: Ultrasound May Be The Answer To VR’s Tactile Troubles

    The conundrum of providing users physical feedback from virtual reality has seemed like a sci-fi dream for years, but British company Ultrahaptics ’ new technology may change all that. Co-developed by Professor Sriram Subramanian at the University of Bristol, the technology focuses points of ultrasound... More
  • Blog Post: Oculus Drone Video Cool, Has Scary Implications

    Some enterprising folks have created a mod that allows them to control an AR drone with an Oculus Rift. The mind boggles at the the creepy possibilities. In video posted by YouTube use Diego Araos, you can see a very well-done demonstration of the technology. Using an AR Drone and an Oculus Rift, the... More
  • Blog Post: CES 2013 Was Biggest In 45+ Year History

    According to a press release from the Consumer Electronics Association, this year's CES convention in Las Vegas was the biggest in the show's nearly 50-year history. While this year's 150,000 attendees didn't break last year's attendance record of 153,000, it managed to top 2012 in... More
  • Blog Post: New Type Of Force Feedback Prototyped By Academics

    Engineers at the University of Utah have prototyped and demonstrated a new haptic (touch) feedback system intended for use on gamepads. The "skin-stretch" technology is hoped to be ready for consumer mass production in time for the next wave of consoles. Associate professor of mechanical engineering... More
  • Blog Post: Did Obsidian And Bethesda View Fallout Differently?

    Obsidian Entertainment is currently working on the South Park game for THQ, but they’ve also worked on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Fallout: New Vegas. In fact, many of Obsidian’s team members worked on the original Fallout titles before Bethesda bought the... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At CES 2012: The Weird Recap

    There is a lot of hot technology on display at this year's CES. Companies like Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba all showed off how their products would integrate with one another, Razer started exploring the tablet market, and 4K TVs took the show by storm. But that's not all that was going on at CES... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At CES 2012: Day One

    At the beginning of every year, tech journalists, buyers, industrialists, and a bunch of middle-aged men who don't look hip enough to know much about technology gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the world's largest trade shows, centering around technology and consumer... More
  • Blog Post: Skyrim Utilizes Fallout’s Technological Advances

    While The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was a great game, Fallout 3 advanced Bethesda’s technology in some significant ways, and Skyrim reaps all the benefits. While speaking with PC Gamer , game director Todd Howard said, “[Skyrim]’s a lot more like Fallout 3, where as you level up you... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Still Believes In A 3D Future For PS3

    Sony isn’t giving up when the going gets tough. Despite poor market reception for 3D technology, Sony believes the PlayStation 3 is only “scratching the surface” when it comes to 3D gaming. “Looking at the future of 3D, I think we’ve really only just begun to realize its... More
  • Blog Post: Can Games Look Real Today?

    An Australian company named Euclideon claims that it has figured out how to make games look 100,000 times better by getting rid of polygons. Euclideon was formed in May of 2010 in Brisbane Australia. It’s Unlimited Detail method can supposedly display unlimited point cloud data in real time –... More
  • Blog Post: Gorgeous Unreal 3 Engine Trailer Details Impressive Tech

    Epic's Samaritan trailer looked more like a trailer for a new game property than a showcase for the company's next-generation Unreal 3 Engine technology, leading many to speculate that the clip will indeed become a game at some point. Today, Epic released a new Unreal 3 Engine trailer, one aimed... More
  • Blog Post: Heavy Rain Creator Says L.A. Noire's Facial Capture System Is "Dead End"

    Heavy Rain creator David Cage is a man of many opinions. The outspoken developer is never afraid to speak his mind, and now he's made some comments about the groundbreaking facial capture animation technology used in Rockstar and Team Bondi's upcoming L.A. Noire. In an interview with CVG, Cage... More
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