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  • Blog Post: Weta Workshop Special Effects Company Helps Craft Augmented Reality Concept Video

    Weta Workshop, the special effects studio behind a number of films most notably Lord of the Rings, partnered recently with a company called Magic Leap to put together an imaginative augmented reality video. The video is a showcase of the potential of augmented reality for both practical and entertainment... More
  • Blog Post: Virtual Robots Show Off Some Of The New PlayStation Eye's Potential

    During my tour of Sony’s booth, I got a chance to see a series of demos based around the PlayStation Eye and the PS4’s new controller. They’re clearly not ready for a prime-time release, but my interactions with a bunch of little robots showed that developers have a lot of tools at... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's IllumiRoom Concept Makes Your Living Room Terrifying

    Microsoft is no rookie when it comes to experimenting with new gaming technology, as they've spent over two years trying to convince us that Kinect is a thing worth owning. Based on a new tech demo video showcased at Samsung's CES keynote, they're working on a new display-based accessory... More
  • Blog Post: Tri-Ace’s Stunning New Engine Looks Unreal (Get It!)

    We’ve already had a sneak peak at Epic’s next gaming engine , but it seems that Resonance of Fate and Star Ocean developer, Tri-Ace also has a gorgeous new engine up its sleeve. Tri-Ace claims that this tech demo isn’t for any upcoming project, but we’ve heard that PR line before... More
  • Blog Post: Video Shows Off Kinect And Windows Phone 7 Integration

    I'm starting to get the feeling that every Microsoft tech demo until the end of time is going to feature Rally Ball from Kinect Adventures. The next Microsoft Word will be controlled by swatting colored balls at the letter you want to type. Windows 8 will utilize icons that constantly bounce around... More
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