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  • Blog Post: Smoker Joins The Left 4 Dead Collectible Line

    Gaming Heads adds the smoker to their Left 4 Dead 2 collectible line. The iconic infected is appropriately grotesque and comes with a to scale fire axe. Only 350 statues were made and one will set you back $199.99. The most conniving special infected has opened up for pre-orders. Their previous Left... More
  • Blog Post: New Left 4 Dead Tank Statue Is Appropriately Large, Expensive

    We reported on this figure back in July , but it's just now starting to ship out to Left 4 Dead fans. Featuring the biggest of the baddies in Valve's zombie series, the Tank figure is 15 inches tall and will set you back $300. Only 750 of these will be made available, so head on over to Gaming... More
  • Blog Post: Two Adorably Creepy Left 4 Dead 2 Plushies Available For Pre-Order

    Two new Left 4 Dead 2 plushies were recently added to the Valve store, both available for pre-order. The store is offering 10 percent off these items for a limited time. Both are set to ship on December 27. The Hunter is 10 inches tall, while Tank stands just a bit taller at 13. Both plushies have 10... More
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