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  • Blog Post: Defiance TV Show Picked Up For A Third Season

    Defiance , the SyFy television show affiliated with the Trion Worlds MMO of the same name, begins its third season next year. The show's renewal was revealed on Trion Worlds' website by the game's creative lead, Trick Dempsey. The show's third season will begin airing next year, though... More
  • Blog Post: Sharknado: The Video Game Is Swooping In

    Syfy is preparing for the release of Sharknado 2: The Second One on July 30th, and in a fit of a transmedia reach, Syfy has partnered with The Asylum, Majesco, and Other Ocean to release a video game based on the property. Sharknado: The Video Game is biting into a release on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch... More
  • Blog Post: HBO Go (And Many Others) Coming To Xbox One This Year

    Fear not, Game of Thrones , The Newsroom , and True Detective fans. HBO Go will be arriving on Xbox One this year. Microsoft has announced more than 40 new apps that will be coming to Xbox platforms around the world. These include new Twitter integration (in the United States) that provides topical updates... More
  • Blog Post: Defiance Gamer Makes It Onto TV Show

    Zachary Prast has won the first contest Trion and SyFy ran to feature a gamer from the 360/PS3/PC MMO shooter on the cable show of the same name. By earning more than triple the average rate of salvage per hour – meaning he farmed monsters and loot drops more efficiently than anyone else –... More
  • Blog Post: Zombies May Overrun Defiance If You Don't Stop Them

    As if the residents of post-apocalyptic San Francisco didn’t have enough to worry about, the world of Defiance is now besieged with zombie-like enemies. Continuing the cross-media connection between Trion Worlds’ Defiance and Syfy’s television series of the same name, actions in the... More
  • Blog Post: Trion Worlds Hit With Layoffs

    We've received an official comment confirming the reports that Defiance publisher and developer Trion Worlds has just conducted substantial layoffs of staff. IGN broke the news, based on information from anonymous sources. According to the source, the company's San Diego studio, which created... More
  • Blog Post: Defiance Developers Address Launch Issues, Patches On The Way

    Defiance, the shooter MMO/SyFy television show hybrid released recently, and it has had some issues out of the gate, most notably the Xbox 360 version of the game. Nathan Richardsson, Defiance's executive producer has posted a message to let everyone know that they are aware of the issues, and are... More
  • Blog Post: Prepare For Defiance With 120 Perk-Bestowing Codes

    Trion Worlds and Syfy are no doubt excited to get players into their open-world/MMO shooter, Defiance, which arrives tomorrow. If you are planning on stepping into the shoes of one of the game's treasure-seeking "ark hunters," you can give yourself a leg up right now. Over the past few... More
  • Blog Post: The Second Season Of TV Show/Video Game Crossover Defiance Is Already In The Works

    Defiance, the upcoming SyFy television show and accompanying video game, has not aired or released yet, but that isn't stopping plans for the second season. In an interview with IndieWire.com , Kevin Murphy confirmed to the website that season two is already being planned, and that goes for both... More
  • Blog Post: Trion Worlds Announces April 2 Defiance Release With New Trailer

    Trion Worlds has announced that its upcoming shooter Defiance is coming this April, and it marked the news by releasing a live-action trailer. The game is unusual in that it's also the subject of a new Syfy TV show. The Defiance trailer shows a group of Ark Hunters traveling to Mos Eisley's Cantina... More
  • Blog Post: Defiance Beta Taking Signups

    Get a sneak peek at the cross-platform MMO that runs alongside the upcoming SyFy television series by throwing your name in for Defiance’s Advanced Mission Beta 1. Players brave the many dangers of Defiance’s near-future San Francisco as genetically modified “ark hunters.” Mutated... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Bringing Comcast, Syfy, HBO, and More to Xbox Live

    After months of rumors , Microsoft has finally announced its official plans for bringing a wide selection of cable and broadcast television programming to Xbox Live. Major Nelson, the official Xbox blogger, just posted a long list of entertainment partners that have signed on to bring programming to... More
  • Blog Post: Bloomberg: Xbox Live Set To Add For-Pay Comcast And Verizon Cable Programming

    The news service Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft is set to pull off a major coup in its efforts to make the Xbox 360 a one-stop home entertainment hub. According to a story posted today, Xbox Live is readying agreements with Comcast, Verizon, and other cable TV providers to bring live for-pay TV... More
  • Blog Post: Trailer For SyFy's Red Faction Wants To Be Good

    Movies based on video games have a troubled past, but what about TV movies based on video games? We don't have a ton of evidence there, but we'll have a better idea on June 4th when SyFy's Red Faction: Origins premieres. The trailer showcases the fact that SyFy really wants another hit like... More
  • Blog Post: Get A Taste Of The Upcoming Red Faction Movie

    Sure, we've seen plenty of anime and CG straight to DVD video game offshoots, but THQ is going the extra mile with a full on live action feature . The Syfy channel has released a batch of production stills to show fans an early glimpse at what's to come. Of course, Syfy is known for such prestigious... More
  • Blog Post: Syfy Action MMO On The Way

    Trion Worlds and Syfy have released a...poster about...their...upcoming MMO. At this point, it's only known as "Syfy Action MMO," which is possibly the worst codename of all time. The poster has sharks on it, which has to count for something. It is coming soon, but you already read that... More
  • Blog Post: Syfy Creating Red Faction Movie

    Fans of Red Faction: Guerrilla have plenty to be happy about: Not only is a sequel in the works , but Syfy is in the process of creating a two-hour Red Faction movie, which could even lead to a television series. Syfy Ventures senior VP Alan Seiffert discussed the decision with Broadcasting Cable , stating... More
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