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  • Blog Post: PSA: Save Over 90 Percent On Some PlayStation Network Flash Sale Titles

    If you are looking for something fresh to play this weekend, you might want to check out the PlayStation Store. Take a moment to look between the couch cushions for loose change and you might have enough for one of these games. This weekend, you can nab a number of titles for less than $1, many of which... More
  • Blog Post: Teens Surprised To Learn They Are Bread In I Am Bread

    The Fine Bros. React YouTube channel usually places youngsters in front of classic games for comedic effect, but the latest episode places teens in front of the bizarre I am Bread. Still for comedic effect though. I am Bread comes the folks behind Surgeon Simulator, and much like that game, part of its... More
  • Blog Post: New Releases This Week: August 10 - 16

    Sony's platforms got the biggest helping of new content this week, but you're not completely out of luck on Xbox or PC. Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed (PS3, Vita) – August 12 Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (Vita) – August 12 Gravity Crash Ultra (Vita) – August 12 Hohokum... More
  • Blog Post: Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition Comes To Life On PS4 Next Week

    If you've always wanted to pretend to be a surgeon, but you wanted to do so with a DualShock controller, you're in luck. Today, Bossa Studios has announced that Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition will launch on PlayStation 4 on August 12, bringing together all the content from both the PC... More
  • Blog Post: Surgeon Simulator Developer Announces Time To Live

    Bossa Studios, the developer that made a name for itself with surgeon simulator, has announced its next project, and it's a deathmatch gameshow. The game is currently in its alpha stages, but a version of the game has been made public in the form of a playable demo on Kongregate . The game is very... More
  • Blog Post: Team Fortress 2 Invades Surgeon Simulator 2013

    In Team Fortress 2's (specifically The Heavy's) never-ending crusade to appear in every game ever , Surgeon Simulator 2013 is now offering a special download that adds The Medic as a playable character. The Heavy appears as The Medic's victim. Did I say victim? I meant to say patient. The... More
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