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  • Blog Post: Asura's Wrath DLC Introduces Anime Art Style & Ryu

    Asura’s Wrath just released today, so you’ll be forgiven if you haven’t gotten around to completing Capcom’s over-the-top action game yet. That doesn’t mean can’t get excited for some story-expanding DLC and a visit from a legendary Street Fighter. Capcom announced... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Watch Evo Fighting Game Championships Live All Weekend

    Do you like fighting games? Do you like seeing how much better other people are at fighting games than you? If so, you're about to have a really great weekend. The Evolution Championship Series, a.k.a. Evo, is happening this weekend in Las Vegas. This popular yearly fighting game tournament is being... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Rethinks SSF IV: Arcade Edition DRM

    When Capcom announced the tweaks for the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, the company thought players would be overjoyed. Instead, they focused on one glaring problem: a DRM scheme that would cripple offline play. Capcom has heard the complaints, and is changing the game to appease... More
  • Blog Post: Super Street Fighter IV Ships 1 Million On 3DS

    Most of the news coming out of Capcom today deals with new stuff, like Dead Rising 2: Off The Record and Dragon's Dogma . Amid these announcements, Capcom also sent out a press release indicating that the 3DS version of Super Street Fighter IV is doing well on store shelves. The release states that... More
  • Blog Post: More Evidence of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition for Consoles

    A home console release for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition continues its slow crawl towards confirmation. This time, the game has showed up on the British Board of Film Classification – including a release date for the territory. The BBFC lists the game as coming out in the UK on June 24... More
  • Blog Post: CosBlog #45: Juri Han By Light Cosplay

    This week French cosplayer Light steps into the colorful ensemble of Super Street Fighter IV’s Juri Han. Light made the entire outfit by hand out of lycra, faux leather, and cotton. The most difficult part of the look was easily the hair, but in the end she managed it masterfully. Check out her... More
  • Blog Post: Monster Hunter Freedom 3 Fuels Capcom's Growth

    In the United States, Monster Hunter barely makes a blip on the radar. In Japan, it's such a money maker that Capcom’s profits rose nearly 300 percent during the last nine months of 2010 largely thanks to the latest title in the series. According to a Capcom press release, the company also... More
  • Blog Post: Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Japanese Trailer

    Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition looks great in 3D on Nintendo’s 3DS. Too bad you need a 3DS to experience the game as intended. While you wait for 3DS systems to roll into your neighborhood, check out Capcom Japan’s newest trailer for the game. Capcom released this trailer earlier in the... More
  • Blog Post: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Characters May Be DLC

    The arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV features two brand new fighters, the ultra hip Yun and Yang. Up until now most SSFIV DLC has consisted of costume packs, but if the producer of the game has it his way we will be seeing these characters become downloadable. Hope for this meaty DLC comes in... More
  • Blog Post: First Super Street Fighter IV Costume Pack Revealed

    Last week Capcom debuted a trailer showing off some of the new downloadable costumes for Super Street Fighter IV. Now we know who's going to be in the first batch and what they're going to look like. Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has Tweeted the pictures himself and pinned an October... More
  • Blog Post: New Costumes Announced For Super Street Fighter IV

    Capcom's biggest fighter has already seen three DLC costume packs, and now a fourth is on the way. Available on October 26th with no announced price, fighting fans can grab new outfits for Cammy, T. Hawk, Juri, Chun Li, and Sakura. Nothing is terribly outlandish (or as awesome as Zangief's Haggar... More
  • Blog Post: New Characters For Super Street Fighter IV

    Rumors have been flying for months that there would be new characters in the Japanese arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV. But who cares, right? Those were rumors about characters in arcade cabinets 99% of us would never lay a finger on. Well not only has Capcom confirmed that brothers Yun and... More
  • Blog Post: Two New Contenders For Super Street Fighter IV Arcade

    So much Street Fighter news! Earlier this week there were murmurings that new characters would be hitting the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV. Today at Comic Con, Capcom confirmed that two new pugilists are on the way, along with some other exciting SSF IV news. Along with the new characters... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Street Fighter IV Characters On The Way?

    Capcom is testing Super Street Fighter IV in arcades in Japan (console version shown), and it looks like it introduces some new characters above and beyond the ones in the console version of the game. Could we see these released for the console as DLC? The cabinet contains two extra player slots that... More
  • Blog Post: Games Of 2010 Are Better Than 2009, So Far

    Have you stopped to wonder how the quality of games released in the first half of this year compare to last year? You have? Well wonder no longer, because review aggregate site Metacritic has done the number crunching, and so far the gaming landscape is a critical cornucopia. Even though the NPD numbers... More
  • Blog Post: New Super Street Fighter IV 3D Version Screens

    Let’s hope Capcom comes up with a clever way to streamline the name, because the above is a mouthful. Joining the roster of other titles set to debut with the 3DS, Capcom sent some new screens of their flagship fighting franchise our way . As will be true with any 3DS screens, the magic of seeing... More
  • Blog Post: Balancing Fixes And DLC Coming To Super Street Fighter IV

    Gaming site Andriasang has translated a recent Capcom blog post , and it reveals plenty of minor balancing fixes coming to SSF IV next month. Check out the list below for what you can expect on June 15th. Fei Long's infinite combo loop against Juri will be removed. Unblockable Ultras will be fixed... More
  • Blog Post: Splinter Cell Takes Out The Competition In April NPD Sales [Updated With Top 20]

    [Updated with full Top 20] It's been a couple of weeks since April ended, which means NPD has had time to gather and release sales data from last month. In what ended up being an unsurprisingly slow month for the industry, Sam Fisher's latest adventure in Splinter Cell: Conviction took the top... More
  • Blog Post: 2009 A Year to Forget Financially for Capcom

    Capcom delivered a dose of bad news to its investors, reporting that its last fiscal year was brought down by the lower-than expected sales of games such as Dark Void , Bionic Commando , and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles . Capcom's last fiscal year, which ended March 30, 2010, wasn't... More
  • Blog Post: One Million Super Street Fighter IV Units Shipped

    “It’s survival of the fittest, on a global scale!” This phrase is regularly trumpeted from Super Street Fighter IV’s overenthusiastic announcer, and it rings true for the game’s worldwide marketing as well. Capcom announced today that Super Street Fighter IV has shipped... More
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