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  • Blog Post: Xenoblade Chronicles Shulk Confirmed For Smash Bros.

    Earlier in the week, a rumor circulated that Xenoblade Chronicles’ Shulk and Super Mario Bros.’ Bowser Jr. would be joining the Super Smash Bros. roster. At least one of those characters is now confirmed. Shulk brings his sward, the Monado, into battle and will use it to hit his foes with... More
  • Blog Post: Looking At The Past, Present, And Future Of The Wii U

    Need a quick reminder about why you have a Wii U? Check out this Nintendo video that gives a brief overview of the some of the best games to release this last last year along with a quick look at some exciting upcoming titles. Take a glance at some of these Wii U's hottest recent releases, and then... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Rumor: Super Smash Bros. Videos Reveal Two Unannounced Characters

    Update #2: Nintendo has issued copyright claims on the videos showing the two characters in action. Update #1: Nintendo has responded to our request for comment on the leaked character videos. "We have nothing to announce at this time," a representative told us via email. "For the list... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Smashes Into PAX With Upcoming 3DS And Wii U Titles

    PAX is next weekend in Seattle, and Nintendo has announced what it’s bringing for fans. You’ll be able to get hands-on time with both versions of Super Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, and more. Nintendo will also be touring Seattle with the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. Locations will be... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Wants To Bring Smash Bros. To Wherever You Are At SDCC

    Nintendo is turning itself into the Uber of video games this week, with a new promotion at San Diego Comic Con. If you want a chance to try out Super Smash Bros. on 3DS, you might be one of the lucky people to summon a Nintendo entourage. Nintendo will send out “Bring Me Smash” notifications... More
  • Blog Post: Smash Bros.' Lucina Isn't A Marth Clone, But She Comes Close

    After the reveal of Lucina and Robin yesterday as playable characters in Super Smash Bros., we were left to speculate as to how exactly the newcomers will play. Today, director Masahiro Sakurai clarified Lucina's role and her similarities to another fighter, Marth. Lucina is clearly a sword-wielding... More
  • Blog Post: Fire Emblem: Awakening's Lucina And Robin Confirmed For Smash Bros.

    Update: This morning's reveal was a double dose of new fighter action, with Lucina and Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening confirmed for the roster. And those of you who prefer the female version of Robin can rest easy. She's included, too. The action-packed three-minute trailer included the return... More
  • Blog Post: Rayman Comes To Super Smash Bros. In Trophy Form

    Later today, Nintendo will be revealing a new fighter for the upcoming pair of Super Smash Bros. titles. Before that happens at 10 a.m. Eastern though, director Masahiro Sakurai is teasing us with a new collectible trophy. Ubisoft’s limbless hero, Rayman, is getting his due in Nintendo’s... More
  • Blog Post: Next Super Smash Bros. Character Reveal Scheduled For July 14

    A new challenger approaches next week. The Super Smash Bros. roster isn’t yet full, and Nintendo is giving us our first look at another character in just a few days’ time. A live video will be available at 7:00 a.m. Pacific/10:00 a.m. Eastern on Monday, July 14. You can tune in on the official... More
  • Blog Post: Mario's A Yankee Doodle Dandy In Super Smash Bros. Alternate Costume

    Mario might be Italian by way of Japan, but his heart is in the good old U.S. of A., and this new alternative Super Smash Bros. costume proves it. The Japanese Super Smash Bros. Twitter account posted this picture of Mario standing next to Samus in star-and-stripes bib overalls. It's a nice look... More
  • Blog Post: Here's The Super Smash Bros. Theme Played Entirely With Kazoos

    I can't say I was ever curious what the Super Smash Bros. theme would sound like played with a chorus of kazoos, but now that it's here, I can't help but give it a listen. The video comes from YouTube channel Tsuko G. , who posted the video with the simple description, "I couldn't... More
  • Blog Post: GameCube Controller Adapter And Special Smash Bros. Controller Arriving In Time For Release

    Briefly shown during a recent announcement, Nintendo has a price and a special bundle for using the GameCube controller on Wii U. The adapter, which allows you to use up to four GameCube controllers or Wavebirds, will be available for $19.99. A special Super Smash Bros. marked GameCube controller will... More
  • Blog Post: Miis Entering The Super Smash Bros. Battle

    At Nintendo’s E3 Nintendo Direct, the company announced that it was bringing its popular Mii characters to Super Smash Bros. as playable characters. The avatars, which are known for their customization, have more than a few fighting tricks up their sleeves, too. In addition to bringing their avatars... More
  • Blog Post: Learn The Secrets From The Soundtrack Of Super Smash Bros.

    The Did You Know Gaming YouTube channel has released a number of videos covering Super Smash Bros., and the latest focuses on the game's soundtrack. You will learn where some of the game's assorted themes appear in other games, as well as some of the very obscure secrets hidden in the game's... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Puts Out Call For People's Challenger At E3 Super Smash Bros. Tournament

    Nintendo's upcoming Super Smash Bros. E3 tournament is invitation only, but there is one way to compete if you haven't already heard from Nintendo. If you think you can handle the competition at the Nokia Plaza on June 10 in Los Angeles , Nintendo is accepting Instagram video applications from... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Nintendo Figurines Will Interact With Super Smash Bros.

    In an interview with a French newspaper, a Nintendo executive says that the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will use near-field communications technology to interact with an upcoming line of Nintendo character figurines. In an interview with Le Figaro , Steven Boyle, managing director of Nintendo France... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Details Its Open-To-The-Public E3 Super Smash Bros. Tournament

    Even if you won't be attending E3, if you're in Los Angeles in June, you can attend Nintendo's public Super Smash Bros. Wii U tournament . The tournament takes place on Tuesday, June 10 and will feature 16 pre-selected Super Smash Bros. vets playing the Wii U version of the game. Starting... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Announces E3 Plans, Does Not Include Press Conference

    Nintendo has shed some light on its E3 plans. The company will once again be streaming its announcements, but there are some other plans in store. On June 10 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific, the company will be hosting a “digital event.” Nintendo says that this will take this new format will be its... More
  • Blog Post: Super Smash Bros.: Greninja, Charizard, And Three Others Revealed

    One of the biggest changes coming to the new Smash Bros. games on 3DS and Wii U announced at today's Nintendo Direct is that all of the fighters that transformed mid-fight have been changed. That means that Samus' Final Smash won't strip away her armor, Zelda won't transform into Sheik... More
  • Blog Post: Super Smash Bros.: Release Windows, Stages, Items, Assist Trophies

    Nintendo has revealed the release windows for Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U. The 3DS version will be coming in the summer. The home version will arrive this winter. On the 3DS, fighters will move at 60 frames per second in stereoscopic 3D. The assist trophies and items will only refresh at 30 frames... More
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