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  • Blog Post: [Update] Roy And Ryu For Super Smash Bros. Out Today

    Update: Following reports yesterday, Nintendo confirmed that Roy and Ryu aren't just coming to the fight. They're here. The pair join Lucas today as additions to the roster. Roy and Lucas are $3.99 each on Wii U or 3DS. For $4.99 a character becomes unlocked for both versions. Ryu is a bit more... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 01/30/2015

    Dying Light is set to dominate the downtime of most of the editorial staff this weekend, Jeff Cork doesn't want his birthday-cake-infested progeny near his controllers, Matthew Kato and a pair of the new interns are busy channeling their inner 18-year-old girls in preparation for the first episode... More
  • Blog Post: Where Is Our Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Review?

    The review embargo for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is up, but our review isn't ready. What's the holdup? While we've been able to play through the game extensively, the online component isn't up and running. Until we get a chance to see how well that aspect of the game performs, we're... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo’s Financial Picture Is Improving Despite Half-Year Operating Loss

    Nintendo has reported its six-month financial performance, and things are improving. While the company is still showing red in the operating column, Nintendo’s performance year-over-year offers hope. At the half-year mark, Nintendo is showing an operating loss of ¥215 million ($1.99 million... More
  • Blog Post: Why Ice Climbers Aren’t In The New Super Smash Bros

    Fans of Super Smash Bros. Melee will remember throwing down dual hammers with Nintendo’s 8-bit tag team, the Ice Climbers. The well-insulated brawlers weren’t the most popular fighters in Smash Bros. history, but that’s not why they didn’t make it into the upcoming Smash Bros... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Europe And North America Getting Special Edition Super Smash Bros. 3DS

    Update: The special edition Super Smash Bros. 3DS has been confirmed for North America. Confirmed during the recent GameStop Expo ( Disclaimer: GameStop is Game Informer’s parent company) , the system will be $199 and releases September 19. It will not include a copy of Super Smash Bros., which... More
  • Blog Post: Little Mac Joins The Cast Of Super Smash Bros

    The first big reveal of today's Nintendo Direct is the addition of the boxing underdog Little Mac to the cast of Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U. The announcement begins with a pump-up video (using comic book-style art) depicting Little Mac and Doc training while the triumphant Punch-Out!! music... More
  • Blog Post: No Cross-Platform Play For Super Smash Bros.

    Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai says that 3DS and Wii U players won’t be able to face off in Nintendo’s upcoming brawler. Sakurai told Joystiq that because of the differently laid out stages in the two versions, cross-platform play is impossible. However, you can take characters... More
  • Blog Post: Smash Bros. Game Boy Demake Now Available For Download

    Way back last year we first reported on Super Smash Land, a fan project imagining what Super Smash Bros. would be like with Game Boy-style graphics. Now the game is complete and you can download it for yourself! The final version of Super Smash Land features six characters, eleven stages, and multiple... More
  • Blog Post: Sakurai: Working On Super Smash Bros. Melee Was "Extremely Grueling"

    Nintendo-developed games tend to be fairly light-hearted, and with the way it blends characters and locations from all of the big N's franchises, the Super Smash Bros. games are arguably the most whimsical in its catalog. But just because a game is fun doesn't mean it's fun to make. In a... More
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