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  • Blog Post: Join Game Informer At This Year's Glitch Con For A Live Super Replay And Panels

    For the second consecutive year, Game Informer is joining forces with Glitch Con for two days of gaming discussions, tournaments, and fun. Many of Game Informer's staffers will be in attendance for both of Glitch Con's show days, held at the University of Minnesota on April 29 and 30. Glitch... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay – Conker's Bad Fur Day Episode 7

    Conker's Bad Fur Day tells the story of a foul-mouthed squirrel journeying across farms, poop mountains, and into space to earn money and save the love of his life. You voted for Conker's Bad Fur Day to be our next Super Replay a few months ago, and we couldn't be happier to dive back into... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay Title Cyberia Now Available On GOG.com

    Senior associate editor Tim Turi calls Cyberia the worst game he has ever beaten, and now it's available to play from Good Old Games . Originally released in 1994, Cyberia is a PC adventure game with puzzles and on-rails shooting segments, and it is absolutely terrible. We played through the game... More
  • Blog Post: Fan-Made Illbleed Movie Trailer Delivers Campy Insanity

    Fans of obscure survival horror games (or Super Replay ) will immediately recognize the name Illbleed, the title of a bizarre Dreamcast survival horror game which, despite being a financial failure has garnered a cult following thanks to its B-movie style and story. To honor that B-movie style, the team... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay T-Shirt Contest Winners – Illbleed

    Last month, we put out a call for entries for our newest Super Replay t-shirt contest. This one covers our annual New Year's Super Replay, which was the unbelievable Illbleed for Dreamcast. One of our winners can be seen above, and it's Dean Pham's awesome tribute to the hugely beneficial... More
  • Blog Post: Enter Our Illbleed Super Replay T-Shirt Design Contest

    It's been tradition for quite some time that we conclude Super Replays with a t-shirt design contest, and it'll be no different for Illbleed. There was an amazing amount of ridiculous crap going on in this one, so you'll have plenty of moments to draw from. The winner will receive a prize... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay T-Shirt Contest Winners: Trapt And Overblood

    After we wrapped up our Super Replay of Trapt, we put out a call for entries for another t-shirt design contest. Fans of Replay sent plenty of entries to us, and we wanted to showcase some of the best ones. The awesome Trapt design above is from Ian Richardson, and it's one of our winners. On this... More
  • Blog Post: Enter Our Trapt And Overblood T-Shirt Design Contests

    We recently wrapped up our Super Replay of Trapt , and fans know what that means . It's time once again for a contest to determine our favorite t-shirt design that pays tribute to our time in the castle of whatever-her-name-is. But that's not all! In past years, we've also heard from many... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay T-Shirt Contest Winners: Ninja Gaiden/Luigi's Mansion

    In the last couple of months, we've wrapped up our Super Replays of both Ninja Gaiden and Luigi's Mansion . As is tradition around these parts, we threw out the call for t-shirt designs for a contest for each of them. We've picked our winners, and you can check them out below: Ninja Gaiden... More
  • Blog Post: Enter Our Luigi's Mansion/Dynamite Cop T-Shirt Design Contest

    We've been cranking out the Super Replays lately, finishing Luigi's Mansion and Dynamite Cop in the last couple of months. A whole bunch of goofy crap happened in both of them, meaning there's prime material for some t-shirt designs. Here are the guidelines for the new contest(s): No tracing... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay T-Shirt Design Winners: Blue Stinger

    Super Replay fans are aware of our t-shirt contest tradition, and it's time to announce the winners from the Blue Stinger installment. Our playthrough of the game wrapped up recently, and we survived plenty of weird and memorable encounters. Let's take a look at the winners for this contest WINNER... More
  • Blog Post: Here Are The Mega Man And Cyberia T-Shirt Design Contest Winners

    UPDATE : You can buy these shirts (and other Super Replay shirts) for cheap right now! Click here . Viewers of Super Replay are constantly bombarded with weird references and in-jokes, and they're also familiar with the fact that many of these eventually find their way onto t-shirts. We've been... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay T-Shirt Design Contest: Mega Man Legends 2 And Cyberia

    We want to make sure everybody knows that we're still taking t-shirt design submissions to honor our Mega Man Legends 2 and Cyberia Super Replays. Viewers of Super Replay are constantly bombarded with weird references and in-jokes, and they're also familiar with the fact that many of these eventually... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man Legends 2 Super Replay Trailer

    Game Informer joins forces with Capcom Unity for a complete look at Mega Man Legends 2. If you're worried about us meandering off track like we did in our Super Replay for Mega Man Legends , have no fear. Capcom Unity's Greg Moore is here to guide us on our expedition. He also lends a new perspective... More
  • Blog Post: Week in Review: 7/6/12

    Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. But if you do, you can always read this Week in Review column and catch up on all the big video game news you slept on. Sony Surprises Sony dominated the industry news this week. The most notable announcement... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: Galerians Super Replay T-Shirt Design Contest

    UPDATE: We have a winner! With apologies for the delay -- blame the manic holiday timing of when we wrapped up Galerians or just blame me -- I present to you our winning entry from Walter V. Thanks to the community for the many awesome Galerians-inspired works we received! ORIGINAL POST: Maybe you took... More
  • Blog Post: Winner Of Our Zelda Super Replay Design Contest Selected!

    After ten grueling episodes, we finally wrapped up our Super Replay of The Legend of Zelda. With Ganon defeated, and the Replay crew stuffed with pizza, it's time to have our t-shirts made. We did this contest with our last Super Replay, and the entries we received for the Tail of the Sun shirts... More
  • Blog Post: Tail Of The Sun T-Shirt Design Winners Selected!

    After a long and heated discussion, the Super Replay crew has selected the winner of the Tail of the Sun t-shirt contest. We received dozens of entries, many of which displayed artistic talent and knack for t-shirt design. We could choose only one winner, but we are picking five runners up to receive... More
  • Blog Post: Help Us Design Our Tail Of The Sun T-Shirt

    Ever since the journey that was Overblood, we've created T-shirts for ourselves to commemorate the event. We made Pipo shirts for Overblood, and Servbot shirts for Mega Man Legends. For Tail of the Sun we wanted to pay tribute to one of the defining moments for our tribe. In episode 5, the scourge... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out The Awesome Fan-Made Tail Of The Sun Cake

    If you've been following our ridiculous Tail of the Sun Super Replay , you know it's been a dramatic, event-filled ride thus far (including one unmentionable act from the dastardly Joe Juba in episode 5). It seems that the Mackin family of Maple Grove, Minnesota are big fans of the saga, as they... More
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