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  • Blog Post: Super Hexagon Meets LittleBigPlanet In Insane Video

    One of LittleBigPlanet 2's selling points was that users would be able to create their own games within the game. An extremely enterprising (and patient) player has done a remarkable job of recreating the indie hit Super Hexagon in the PS3 game. Super Hexagon creator Terry Cavanagh gave a shout-out... More
  • Blog Post: Super Hexagon Is Now Available For Android

    The, "Trippy, intoxicating combination of kaleidoscopic visuals and entrancing music," is now available on Android devices, and it's temporarily on sale. The quote above comes care of our own Tim Turi, who wrote a blog about why Super Hexagon ended up being one of his favorite games of... More
  • Blog Post: Super Hexagon Out On PC

    The mobile indie hit Super Hexagon is now available to play on PC through Steam. The game was first available through iOS earlier this year. The game is easy to learn and difficult to master. If you haven't been following Super Hexagon check out the trailer below and head over to the Steam page ... More
  • Blog Post: Super Hexagon Will Be Available On Steam Next Week

    Super Hexagon, the deceptively simple, highly addictive mobile game from the maker of VVVVVV, is coming to Steam next week. Terry Cavanagh, the man behind the game, announced the PC release date of the game on his blog . It will be available on Tuesday, November 27, and it will cost $2.99, which is exactly... More
  • Blog Post: Super Hexagon's Score Erasing Bug Has Been Fixed

    In you haven't played Super Hexagon, you should. The addictive arcade-like mobile game is now also free of score stealing bugs. Super Hexagon is a little gem of a mobile game that has captured the hearts of several Game Informer editors. Unfortunately, a recent update deleted everyone's high... More
  • Blog Post: Super Hexagon Sells 10,000 Copies In Three Days

    Super Hexagon and VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh accepted questions on Reddit in a recent "ask me anything" forum. He shared details about the success of his latest game, as well as plans for additional platforms. So far the game has sold just over 10,000 copies since its release on September... More
  • Blog Post: VVVVVV Developer Announces Release Date For Next Game

    Terry Cavanagh, the creator of VVVVVV, has announced a release date for his next title, Super Hexagon, on his Distractionware blog . Cavanagh announced that Super Hexagon was complete on Thursday and the game would be available on September 6 on iPhone and iPad for $2.99 with a temporary sale price of... More
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