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  • Blog Post: Xbox Summer Of Arcade Titles, Dates, And Prices

    Major Nelson announced details for Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade this morning, which included a list of titles with their prices and release dates. Summer of Arcade is an annual XBLA promotion that typically marks the release of four or five new games. Those who purchase at least two Summer of Arcade... More
  • Blog Post: Summer Of Arcade Dated And Priced

    Microsoft has revealed the release dates and prices of its annual Summer of Arcade titles. The promotion kicks off next month with the release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD. Additionally, if you purchase any three of the five games, you’ll get 400 Microsoft points back. Below is the list with... More
  • Blog Post: Discover Microsoft's E3 XBLA Games

    The upcoming slate of Xbox Live Arcade games has a little something for everyone. Check out our roundup of the eight games we played. Xbox Live Arcade has had some big hits in recent months with titles like Trials Evolution, Minecraft, and Fez. However, Microsoft's Monday evening E3 showcase event... More
  • Blog Post: The Xbox LIVE Summer Of Arcade Exclusive Is Now Available For PlayStation 3

    From Dust, the timed Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive, is now available to download on the PlayStation Network for $14.99. From Dust puts players in the giant invisible shoes of a god capable of controlling assorted terrains in order to help a primitive tribe avoid complete annihilation from looming tsunamis... More
  • Blog Post: Summer of Arcade Lineup Revealed

    Microsoft always saves some of its best downloadable games for the Summer of Arcade. See which games made the cut for 2011. Microsoft didn't talk about Xbox Live Arcade at its big press conference this morning. Lest anyone fear that the legacy of the great Summer of Arcade be lost, Microsoft followed... More
  • Blog Post: Limbo Owns The Summer of Arcade

    Developer Playdead's eerie, thoughtful, and downright devilish sidescrolling puzzle/platformer Limbo delighted critics and gamers alike, and Microsoft says that the game was also a sales success. Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer told Joystiq that Limbo was the number-one seller... More
  • Blog Post: The Return Of Earthworm Jim, And Castlevania Goes Multiplayer

    A great downloadable game is coming your way this week, whether you're on PS3 or 360. Earthworm Jim HD just released on PSN, and fans of zany platformers have good reason to rejoice. This excellent remake of the original Earthworm Jim retains the crazy situations, gross-out humor, and quality platforming... More
  • Blog Post: The Quick 15: Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair

    Castlevania: Harmony of Despair was released on Xbox Live Arcade today, and if you're wondering how a six-player co-op Castlevania game works, you're in luck. We've captured 15 minutes of gameplay footage from the second and third levels, including the boss battles. Our group of six included... More
  • Blog Post: How To Get $15 From Microsoft

    We've got the details on claiming your reward if you've been buying this year's Summer of Arcade games. A while back Microsoft announced plans to reward gamers if they purchased titles from this year's Summer of Arcade lineup. Specifically, players will get 400 Microsoft points ($5) if... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Destination Arcade Only Available During Summer Of Arcade (UPDATE)

    UPDATE: Major Nelson has provided further clarification on this confusing issue to ShackNews . Destination Arcade will only be available to download during the Summer of Arcade event, but it will continue functioning past then. If you happen to pick up an Xbox 360 after the Summer of Arcade 2010 or you... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Summer of Arcade, Destination Arcade To Launch 7/21 [UPDATE]

    [UPDATE] In case you missed them, the release dates for Microsoft's Summer of Arcade titles are out. Schedule your summer accordingly. Limbo – July 21st Hydro Thunder Hurricane – July 28th Castlevania Harmony of Despair – August 4th Monday Night Combat – August 11th Lara Croft... More
  • Blog Post: Release Dates Announced For XBLA Summer of Arcade Titles

    Xbox Live Arcade's annual Summer of Arcade promotion is kicking off this month. This year is a bit heavy (in our opinion) on well-known brands, but all of these titles look extremely promising based on what we've seen so far. The most notable for traditional console fans will be the isometric... More
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