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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Offering Discounted Xbox Live Subscription

    For a limited time, you can get a great deal on 12 months of Microsoft's Xbox Live service. The offer is currently available on the Microsoft Store . Instead of the standard price of $59.99, you can now grab a year's worth of Live for $39.99. The deal is available exclusively through Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Sony To Launch PlayStation Now Subscription Program On January 13

    Sony has announced plans to offer a subscription-based approach to the PlayStation Now streaming service. The option to pay a flat rate for game rentals delivered over PlayStation Network will begin later this month. Beginning on January 13, two plans will be offered. Monthly access will cost $19.99... More
  • Blog Post: EA Access Goes Live Today On Xbox One

    Electronic Arts’ recently announced premium subscription service EA Access is out of Beta and officially available to all Xbox One owners today. The premium service allows members access to downloadable EA games, a discount on EA digital content, and pre-release demos of full games. For the $4... More
  • Blog Post: Epic's Unreal Engine Subscription Program Now Supports Consoles

    For only $19 a month, upstart game developers can have access to Epic's powerful Unreal Engine 4 technology. Today, Epic just added support for console platforms to the program. Epic generated huge headlines following its announcement during Game Developer's Conference. The program allows aspiring... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Isn't Planning On Charging For Wii U Online Service

    At a recent shareholders meeting in Japan, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said the company has examined the possibility of an Xbox Live-style for-pay online service, but doesn't think it's the right course. According to Andriasang, a shareholder asked about the possibility that Nintendo would... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Expanding Its $99 Xbox 360 Program

    Last month, Microsoft announced that it would allow gamers to buy an Xbox 360 for the low, low price of $99. That may sound like a good deal, but Microsoft also requires those people to sign a two-year contract for Xbox Live Gold (at $15 per month). The questionable bargain was previously only available... More
  • Blog Post: Over Two-Thirds Of Xbox Live Subscriptions Sold At Retail

    While many of us purchase our Xbox Live Gold subscriptions via the dashboard interface, it appears that the majority of gamers are buying them at retail locations. Microsoft has recently revealed that 68% of Live members paid for their subscriptions over the counter. Xbox Live marketing manager Robin... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports' Persistent ID To Be A Paid Subscription?

    This month EA Sports stated that it was working on a cross-title, cross-year persistent ID system that would chronicle your progress as a player of the label's games. Now new information purports to unveil details about this program and reveal that it's a paid subscription program. Pastapadre... More
  • Blog Post: Pachter Says Activision Wants To Charge For Call of Duty Multiplayer

    Activision made some waves with its announcement of Beachhead Studios, a new division designed to provide online "content and services" for the company's Call of Duty franchise. The company was not clear as to what this would entail, but Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter is certain... More
  • Blog Post: Activision's Kotick Still Thinking About Call Of Duty Subscriptions

    We've heard it time and time again, but Activision CEO Bobby Kotick just can't stop talking about it: He wants the future of Call of Duty to include a subscription model of some sort. But that's not the only thing he reveals about Activision's future in a recent Financial Times story... More
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