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  • Blog Post: Borderlands 2's Loot Hunt Is Over, Here's The Rundown

    Since October 11, Gearbox has been giving players a chance each week to earn a variety of prizes during a $100,000 Loot Hunt . Here is a quick stats breakdown showing what players have been doing all this time. During Borderland 2's Loot Hunt, over 516,812,670 enemies were killed, 28,651,011 guns... More
  • Blog Post: YouTube Studies The Impact Of Gaming And Delivers Compelling Statistics

    YouTube has issued its first white paper (a document designed to help constituents understand a particular issue), titled "Gamers on Youtube: Evolving Video Consumption," and the subject is near and dear to our hearts. Google's ubiquitous video branch has quantified the impact of video... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Reveals Some Staggering Tomb Raider Statistics

    Since Tomb Raider’s release on March 5, Square Enix has been keeping a close eye on its players, taking note of in-game player statistics from enemies killed to the number of deer hunted. According to Square, 5,294,879 deer have been killed and 1,417,750 crabs have been captured. These were taken... More
  • Blog Post: Everyone Loves Statistics: ESRB Proves Parents Aren't Evil

    It looks like not all parents who let their children play games are irresponsible and evil. According to a recent ESRB study 64 percent of parents believe that video games are a positive influence on their children’s lives. Check out a few other random facts from the study: • 40% of gamers... More
  • Blog Post: Nielsen: Nearly 3/4 Of U.S. Households Own A Gaming Device

    Fact: A percentage of households in the United States own video-game console. OK, that didn't have quite the effect I was going for. Let's try that again. Did you know that females play video games? It's a fact. Nielsen has released a sheet filled with actual media facts in anticipation of... More
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