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  • Blog Post: Star Wars Battle Pod Is A 1,200 Pound Arcade Cabinet, And This Is How It Was Made

    For those of us that still delight in venturing out to arcades, Star Wars Battle Pod is the current holy grail. This 1,200 pound machine features a huge domed screen, rumble, immersive sound, and even jets of air for added sensory input. We’ve shown you some of the video before, but now you can... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Is Your Favorite Star Wars Video Game?

    Recently LucasArts and GoG have been teaming up to re-release some classic Star Wars games . Today sees the introduction of Jedi Knight, Starfighter, and Republic Commando. They join, Rebellion, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Rogue Squadron, Empire at War and others. These are still just a sampling of the games... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II And Two Others Arrive On GoG

    Three more LucasArts Star Wars classics have made their way to GoG.com. As usual, these titles are DRM-free (and worth your time). This batch includes Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, which realized our dreams of first-person lightsaber battles. Kyle Katarn’s second adventure pulls in Jedi... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars Battle Pod Blasts Into Arcades Today

    Older gamers might remember a massive vector graphics Star Wars game that simulated the Battle of Yavin. Much has changed since that game was released in 1983, and Bandai Namco is updating the concept for today’s audience. Star Wars Battle Pod was announced last fall, and it begins arriving in... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron And More Join GoG LucasArts Library Today

    As if this week’s announcement from GoG didn’t generate enough Force-powered excitement, there are even more LucasArts titles available now. Among them is the much anticipated Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. The title offers more arcade-style action than the X-Wing series, allowing players to... More
  • Blog Post: GoG Welcomes Six More Star Wars Titles, Including Three Digital Premieres

    In October, GoG became home to six classic LucasArts titles , including X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Today, six more games join the library. All six of the titles come from the Star Wars universe. X-Wing Alliance, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power see their... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel’s Star Wars #1 Hits Comic Shops Today

    With the torch passed from Dark Horse Comics to Marvel, a new era of Star Wars has begun. Today marks the launch of Marvel’s first ongoing series in LucasFilm’s galaxy far, far away. The story takes place between the battle of Yavin and the Rebel Alliance’s encampment on the ice world... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Re-Lists Dark Horse Star Wars Comics Under Its Own Name

    Remember last month when we told you that time was running out to get Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics in digital form? It turns out that was only partially true. It was just the last chance to get them with the Dark Horse name and logo. Marvel today re-listed a number of Dark Horse’s comics... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Horse Digital Star Wars Comics Are On Sale Until They Disappear In Two Days

    Earlier this year, Disney announced that Marvel (also owned by the House of Mouse) will take over responsibility for Star Wars comics . That means that Dark Horse’s time with the property, which began in 1990, is coming to a close after nearly 24 years. As a send-off, the publisher is offering... More
  • Blog Post: Lightsaber Designs Jump The Shark In New Video

    Fan opinion has been sharply divided in regards to the three-pronged lightsaber on display in the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer . A new YouTube cartoon imagines where things could be going from here with some hilarious results. For my part, the hula hoop seems like the most fundamentally... More
  • Blog Post: Get A Sneak Peek Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Figures

    The original Star Wars figures were so popular that they were sold in empty boxes because the manufacturer wasn't ready to meet the Christmas demand. We have a feeling that Disney could also sell empty boxes of The Force Awakens figures, but they probably won't. Get an early look at the Star... More
  • Blog Post: Darth Vader And Luke Skywalker Duke It Out In Star Wars: Commander

    Echos of the Force is a new time-limited campaign that takes players to the world of Er’Kit and introduces Vader and Luke Skywalker to the game. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader haven’t been featured Disney’s Clash of Clan-like mobile game before, but in today’s update, players... More
  • Blog Post: Learn The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Characters' Names With Trading Card Mock-Ups

    Star Wars fans have pored over the first Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer for every bit of information possible. Thanks to some retro card mock-ups issued by director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, we now know the names of the characters featured in that trailer... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Project Lead Heading New Studio With 2K

    Haden Blackman, project lead on Star Wars Galaxies and The Force Unleashed, is leading a new studio within 2K to work on an unannounced new-gen project. The studio, called Hangar 13, is currently expanding with the intention of entering the AAA game development space. Though its game is a mystery, it... More
  • Blog Post: The George Lucas Special Edition Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Adds Everything That Was Missing

    Less than 48 hours after the release of the Star Wars teaser , someone went and added everything George Lucas probably felt was missing. It's the George Lucas special edition cut from YouTube channel timtimfed and Michael Shanks . It takes all of the additions added to Star Wars following its release... More
  • Blog Post: Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Brief But Exciting Teaser Trailer Is Online

    You won't see any Luke, Leia, or Han, but there is plenty of other footage to see in the first glimpse at Star Wars: The Force Awakens . New robots and landscapes, familiar spaceships, good guys, bad guys, the Millennium Falcon fighting TIE fighters, and one new lightsaber all appear in the brief... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Dark Knight Battle The Dark Lord Of The Sith

    Next year is a big one for both Batman and Star Wars. Arkham Knight arrives in June, completing Rocksteady’s Batman trilogy. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be in theaters in December 2015 (with a sneak peak this weekend at select cinemas). There has been a running joke between directors JJ Abrams... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft Becomes A Hive Of Scum And Villainy With 55 Star Wars Skins

    These might be the Minecraft skins you’re looking for. Microsoft has announced a new bundle of classic Star Wars skins available today for Xbox One and Xbox 360. This is just the kickoff of a new partnership between Lucasfilm and Microsoft. The bundle includes 55 skins from Episodes IV through... More
  • Blog Post: The 88-Second Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Will Be In These 30 Theaters

    Update #3: Lucasfilm has announced the thirty locations (including the nine Regal Cinemas theaters) that will be showing the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer this weekend. Here's where you can get your first, brief look at 88-seconds of Episode VII. LucasFilm says that the teaser will arrive... More
  • Blog Post: Disney Interactive Returns To Profit After Layoffs Earlier This Year

    Disney Interactive, the mammoth entertainment company’s video game division, suffered significant losses last fiscal year. The company spent its 2014 fiscal year reorganizing, which included the elimination of approximately 700 jobs . The company has reported on its full-year financial performance... More
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