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  • Blog Post: Star Trek's New TV Show Gets A Showrunner

    A showrunner for the upcoming Star Trek TV series has been selected, and he has roots in past Star Trek TV shows, and shows like Pushing Daisies and Hannibal . Bryan Fuller has been named the new Star Trek TV show's co-creator and will also have a credit as an executive producer. Along with the shows... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Beyond Trailer Takes A More Lighthearted Approach

    The new trailer for Star Trek Beyond , the third entry of the revitalized film series, hit today. The trailer takes a much more lighthearted approach to showcasing the action, distancing itself from the tone of the Star Wars trailers and toeing the line set by Guardians of the Galaxy . The trailer, which... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Returns To Television In 2017

    While many of us are polishing our lightsabers and practicing our Jedi mind tricks in anticipation of The Force Awakens , another sci-fi bomb just dropped. Star Trek is coming back to television. The show will be aired first-run on CBS' on-demand and streaming platform, CBS All Access. Alex Kurtzman... More
  • Blog Post: Someone Finally Invented The Holodeck

    The idea of fully immersing ourselves in virtual world has been a pipe dream for decades, but we might actually be getting closer to pulling it off. A new outfit called The Void looks to open up a series of virtual reality arcades that are next best thing to a Star Trek holodeck. The technology that... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Titles To Live Long, Prosper On GOG.com

    A trio of Interplay Star Trek titles are making their digital premier on the DRM-free games portal GOG.com Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (a point-and-click adventure game), Star Trek: Judgement Rites (the sequel to 25th Anniversary), and Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (simulator, above) are all available... More
  • Blog Post: Green Lantern Teaming Up With Star Trek In Comic Mini-Series This July

    Two disparate science-fiction universes (which now seem like an obvious mash-up in retrospect) are crossing over this July. Neither franchise has been hugely successful in the world of video games, though there have been a few interesting Star Trek games, and the recent Lego Batman was very Green-Lantern... More
  • Blog Post: Wil Wheaton Joins Voice Cast Of Nintendo's Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

    The for Star Trek: The Next Generation actor will be cast as a historic figure in Nintendo's new strategy game. Today, Nintendo's official Twitter account tweeted: ". @wilw spotting! Wil Wheaton lends his talents to #CodeNameSTEAM for #3DS as the voice of the great Abe Lincoln." The... More
  • Blog Post: Leonard Nimoy, Actor, Director, And Poet Has Passed Away

    Leonard Nimoy, who rose to fame in the role of Mr. Spock on Star Trek in the 1960s, has passed away at 83. The actor and director was hospitalized earlier this week. His passing is attributed to end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition to his time in front of and behind the camera... More
  • Blog Post: Cyber Monday T-Shirt Grab Bag Sale

    Many of you have probably been bargain-hunting all Thanksgiving weekend, but there are still great deals to be found. Today is Cyber Monday, the online shopping day of the year, and TeeFury is holding a particularly special sale. TeeFury has a grab bag sale every few months, offering T-shirts at reduced... More
  • Blog Post: J.J. Abrams Says He Beamed Away From Star Trek Game

    Namco Bandai's Star Trek game was a dud , and you can count Star Trek: Into Darkness ' director J.J. Abrams among the ranks of the disappointed. When Namco announced the game, which was developed by Digital Extremes, the publisher boasted that it was being created under close supervision from... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 6/7/13

    Next week, most of the Game Informer team will be covering E3 from Los Angeles. Before we descend into madness, we're going to celebrate the weekend with achievement hunting, zombies, and some time outdoors. Andrew Reiner: My weekend begins with that horrible Star Trek game . I don't know why... More
  • Blog Post: William Shatner Faces An Old Foe In Star Trek Trailer

    Next month, Namco Bandai is releasing a Star Trek game that takes place in the universe of the new J.J. Abrams films. Despite its focus on the present state of Star Trek, the game's newest ad is a clear homage to the past. In the clip, William Shatner faces off against an old foe that you may recognize... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek The Video Game Flying Into Stores In April

    Star Trek is a hot property at the moment, and developer Digital Extremes is set to release Star Trek The Video Game to give fans another way to jump into the sci-fi world – specifically the U.S.S. Enterprise – before the new film arrives in May. “One of the great joys of video games... More
  • Blog Post: Gabe Newell And J.J. Abrams Talk About Future Collaboration At D.I.C.E.

    Two of the most acclaimed and powerful content creators in entertainment might be joining forces in the future. At their D.I.C.E. keynote, Gabe Newell and Star Trek director J.J. Abrams hinted at some future collaborations. While no specific projects were confirmed, the pair did talk about some of their... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Video Game Release Date Announced

    Paramount and Namco Bandai give April 23, 2013 as launch day for the video game based on JJ Abrams' lens-flared new vision of the classic sci-fi franchise. Are you ready for Kirk & Spock to go all Salem & Rio (the Army of Two dinguses. How could you possibly not remember that?) on some bad... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Star Trek Or Star Wars?

    One group's ambitious quest to build a full-scale Millennium Falcon has Star Wars on our minds. Nerds love arguing for the things we love. Few nerdy fires rage as brightly as the debate over Star Trek or Star Wars being the superior science-fiction series. So out with it, already: Rancors or Romulans... More
  • Blog Post: Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto Sign On To Star Trek Game

    The two principal stars of JJ Abram's Star Trek reboot have agreed to lend their golden pipes to Namco Bandai's upcoming game. The game, which puts an emphasis on co-op play and is being developed by Digital Extremes, is set to release in early 2013. For more on the game -- and a trailer -- check... More
  • Blog Post: Paramount And Namco Bandai To Co-publish Star Trek

    Namco Bandai and Paramount have announced a co-publishing deal for the upcoming Star Trek game that will be based on the J.J. Abrams Star Trek universe. The game was shown at E3 last year, and it is set to release near the release of the film in 2013. The movie has a set release date of May 17, and we... More
  • Blog Post: Exclusive Downloadable Star Trek Game Coming To PSN

    During Sony’s press conference at E3 today, company boss Jack Tretton announced that the PlayStation Network will be getting an exclusive PSN Star Trek game, independent of the title announced last week . From of my understanding, both the downloadable PSN game and full retail release will bridge... More
  • Blog Post: J.J. Abrams Star Trek Game Coming Next Summer

    Star Trek aficionados have something to look forward to next summer, in addition to the sequel to the J.J. Abrams film reboot. Paramount Digital Entertainment has announced that a game is being developed based on the franchise, which lets players explore an all-new story as Kirk and Spock. The co-op... More
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