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  • Blog Post: Super Mario RPG's Battle System Was Influenced By An Audience's Applause

    Did You Know Gaming 's newest segment centers on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, which released for the SNES in 1996. You might not know that Super Mario RPG's battle system was largely influenced by the fans. Shigeru Miyamoto and director Chihiro Fujioka couldn't decide on whether... More
  • Blog Post: Square RPG I Am Setsuna Namechecks Chrono Trigger

    The first project from Square Enix's Tokyo RPG Factory has been announced, I Am Setsuna, and the game will come out this summer on PS4 and PC via Steam. The label's aim is to create games reminiscent of classic JRPGs for the current systems. Tokyo RPG Factory says that I Am Setsuna's battle... More
  • Blog Post: Did You Know Gaming Recounts The History of Paper Mario

    The newest video from Did You Know Gaming chronicles the history of Intelligent Systems' Paper Mario, the second RPG to star everybody's favorite pouncing plumber. There's a lot of ground covered here, including how the game was originally intended as an official follow-up to Square's... More
  • Blog Post: [Trailer Added] Kingdom Hearts Unchained In Development For Android And iOS

    Before diving into Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix announced a new dedicated Kingdom Hearts mobile game. The trailer for the game showed a new protagonist fighting familiar enemies and exploring familiar Disney worlds and calling in help from fighters like Goofy, Donald, Cloud from Final Final Fantasy... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi To Unveil New Project

    At the upcoming Japan Expo in Paris, France, the legendary game designer Hironobu Sakaguchi will be showing off a surprise new project. Sakaguchi left Square in 2001 and formed a new studio named Mistwalker. At Mistwalker, he's overseen the development of the excellent RPGs Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Outlines New Development Approach

    Square Enix released the contents of a briefing held two weeks ago, and amid some internal turmoil , it appears as though the company is changing the way it approaches big-budget development. The shake-up isn't exactly a surprise; new Square Enix president Yosuke Matsude promised to re-evaluate how... More
  • Blog Post: How To Build Cloud's Buster Sword From Final Fantasy VII

    Is Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII really practical? How much work and steel would go into building one? Find out here. Nothing easy is worth doing; somebody famous once said that or something like it. They were talking about Cloud's Buster Sword. Every week the blacksmiths at AweMeChannel... More
  • Blog Post: Preorder And CE Bonuses Announced For FF XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Final Fantasy XIV had some problems following release, and then it was shut down . Square Enix is preparing to re-launch the world of Eorzea on August 27, and the company is doling out bonus content for those who preorder and/or pick up the collector's edition. The collector's edition is full... More
  • Blog Post: Tough Times, Low Sales Numbers Force Square Enix's Wada To Resign

    Square Enix president and CEO Yoichi Wada has stepped down in the wake of a disappointing fiscal year forecast, lower-than expected sales of some of its big hits, and a changing industry environment. A major restructuring is now underway. Wada's departure still has to be ratified via a shareholder's... More
  • Blog Post: Square Prepping A Final Fantasy Thing

    What does this image mean? What is Square going to announce on January 17? Is this another mobile port? Is this something bigger? At least we only have to wait two days for answers. Square recently put up a site with a teaser image for some Final Fantasy announcement that will be happening on January... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix's L.A. Office Hit With Layoffs

    It seems like hardly a week goes by without the announcement of layoffs in the game industry. Square Enix is the latest company to be hit by the downsizing bug. Joystiq Massively is reporting that that Square Enix has released staff at its Los Angeles offices, mostly from its online operations, including... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Mass Effect-Themed Costume DLC Coming To Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Late last year , we heard that Final Fantasy XIII-2 would be receiving Assassin's Creed clothing for main character Noel as DLC. That seems strange enough, but apparently Square isn't stopping the cross-company, cross-franchise add-ons there. A new rumor suggests that Mass Effect costume DLC... More
  • Blog Post: Producer: "FF XIV Will Always Be FF XIV"

    Final Fantasy XIV may have "greatly damaged" the Final Fantasy brand, but isn't the game it was when it launched in September last year. It has been receiving tweaks since release, but the troubled game's producer says that it will never be a completely different game. In an interview... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Bringing Army Corps Of Hell To North America

    When Tim previewed SquareEnix's upcoming Army Corps of Hell at TGS last month, we didn't know for sure if it would be coming Stateside. Thanks to a new press release by the publisher, we now know that it will see store shelves in North America. Even better, it's confirmed for the Playstation... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Flirts With Photo-Realism For Next-Gen Engine

    Check out the picture above. Does that look like an image of a real location? Square Enix is hoping you think so. At a press conference in Japan this weekend, Square showed off the first tech demos of Luminous Engine, its new next-gen technology that the publisher hopes will help create some of the best... More
  • Blog Post: Why I Picked Final Fantasy For My Guinness Record

    Like any good gamer, I have a pile of games that I’ve always meant to complete and haven’t, but there’s one mark of shame that makes me wince every time I look at it: Final Fantasy XII. I love JRPGs. Even today when we have so few worthwhile releases in that genre, I consider it one... More
  • Blog Post: Want 100% Completion In Dragon Quest IX? It Only Takes 770+ Hours

    As an RPG fan, I play plenty of lengthy games. Final Fantasy games typically run a solid 60 hours. When a new Persona game comes out, I plan to hand over around 100 hours of my life. I've heard of players dropping hundreds of hours into games like Oblivion and MMOs. But Square's recent handheld... More
  • Blog Post: Japan's Dragon Quest Collection Includes First Dragon Quest X Footage

    We first heard that the Wii would be receiving a Dragon Quest compilation in Japan in May , but now we have a little more information, including a release date and some of the bonus goodies it will come packed with. Andriasang reports that the Dragon Quest Collection will launch on September 15 for 4... More
  • Blog Post: Latest Final Fantasy XIV Update Brings Game Closer To MMO Standards

    It's been a while since we've checked in on Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix's much-maligned second attempt at an MMO. A new team has taken over updating the game, and they've announced some pretty serious sweeping changes that will be hitting soon. The news comes via a new Letter from... More
  • Blog Post: Sephiroth Stars In The Best Video Game Rap Song Ever

    Millions of gamers love him (or love to hate him) for his villainous role in Final Fantasy VII. Others just love his fantastic "One Winged Angel" theme. Wherever you stand on the character, Sephiroth has now been immortalized in a pretty freakin' awesome rap song. This take on "One... More
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