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  • Blog Post: Someone Figured Out How Many Miles Mario Runs In Super Mario Bros.

    We've all been making our way from World 1-1 to Bowser's final castle in Super Mario Bros. since 1985, but have you ever wondered how far that is? Nick Greene over at Mental Floss decided it was a worthy pursuit, and started doing some calculation. By estimating Mario's height, calculating... More
  • Blog Post: Barry Sanders Forces Fans To Work For Their Copies Of Madden 25

    Barry Sanders is the cover athlete for Madden 25. He also delights in watching people run 40 yards in order to get their hands on an early copy of the game. In the video below, you can see Madden fans young and old sprinting their hearts out for 40 yards so that they can play Madden 25 before its August... More
  • Blog Post: Major Corporations Partnering With Microsoft For Kinect Launch

    Various corporations are helping Microsoft with the Kinect launch by teaming up for promotional purposes. Kinect Joy Ride will feature the Chevy Volt hybrid, and the Xbox Live Kinect hub will also feature Chevrolet ads. Sprint is sponsoring a Kinect Adventures contest, and T-Mobile is purchasing product... More
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