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  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Scales Back Always-On DRM

    Ubisoft is pretty well known for its fight against piracy with controversial measures such as requiring players with PC titles to maintain an "always on" internet connection in order for games to play (even in single-player). If connection was lost during gameplay, the gameplay was interrupted... More
  • Blog Post: Idiotic Splinter Cell PR Stunt Results In Police On The Scene

    Let me put out a hypothetical situation. You're sitting at a bar and enjoying a few beers when a man with bandaged hands shows up and points a gun at you. Which of the following thoughts are first to go through your mind? A. "Oh my god, I don't want to die." B. "Call the cops!... More
  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Going Green By Ditching Manuals, Releasing New Game Cases

    Earth Day won’t be here for a few more days, but that’s not stopping Ubisoft from announcing its own eco-friendly initiative. The company plans to eliminate printed Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game manuals entirely, beginning with Shaun White Skateboarding, which is set for a holiday 2010... More
  • Blog Post: May Cover Revealed

    Bullet-who? The latest issue of Game Informer Magazine answers that question in a big way, with a world-exclusive look at People Can Fly’s upcoming shooter, Bulletstorm. As the name suggests, players will take on hideous mutants in a flurry of lead, all the while racking up combos that encourage... More
  • Blog Post: Sam Fisher Goes Rogue...Starts Tweeting

    Looks like Ubisoft has planned some real-world fun and games as its builds hype for next month’s Splinter Cell: Conviction. Yesterday the publisher sent us a press release about how Third Esceleon has set up a Facebook page to help bring Sam Fisher into custody, and today we’ve received word... More
  • Blog Post: Splinter Cell: Conviction Release Date Finally Set In Stone

    Since Splinter Cell: Conviction was first announced three years ago, the game’s release date has been a moving target. The various delays have undoubtedly made the game better, but Splinter Cell fans are pretty itchy to get their hands on the finished product at this point. Thankfully, Ubisoft... More
  • Blog Post: Splinter Cell: Conviction Delayed

    Sam Fisher’s latest espionage excursion has hit a lot of hiccups since it was announced years ago. Ubisoft announced today that the game is going to be delayed beyond its previously projected February 23 release. You can now expect Conviction to hit in April 2010. Ubisoft’s upcoming WWII... More
  • Blog Post: New Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-op Trailer and Video Walkthrough

    Are you ready to play Splinter Cell: Conviction yet? We sure are. Just make sure you tell a friend to preorder the game as well. You’ll need someone to help you work through Conviction’s co-op campaign. Below is Ubisoft’s newest trailer and a video walkthrough of the game, and you can... More
  • Blog Post: Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-Op Details

    We’re gearing up to slip through the shadows and snap some necks in Sam Fisher's latest outing, Splinter Cell: Conviction , but the most recent issue of Official Xbox Magazine broke details about the game’s new co-op modes, and it sounds like you might want to play through them first... More
  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Rolls Out Achievement Rewards

    Starting with the recently released Assassin’s Creed II, Ubisoft is kicking off a new service called Uplay that, among other things, will award players with in-game items in exchange for certain achievements and trophies on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Four achievements in the game including... More
  • Blog Post: How Ubisoft Recreated Sam Fisher for Splinter Cell Conviction

    Ubisoft just released a new developer diary for Splinter Cell Conviction. This time the team talks about how the Israeli martial art Krav Maga and real-life firearm techniques inspired some of Sam’s new moves. The video also showcases some of Sam’s improvisational gadgets like the under-door... More
  • Blog Post: Sam's Executions And Interrogations Featured In New Splinter Cell Video

    Everything we've seen of Splinter Cell: Conviction points towards a significantly more brutal and stylish outing for Sam Fisher. Violent interrogations and visible scarring give the combat a weight not seen before, and the mission objectives being integrated into the environment is a nice cosmetic... More
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